There is No Free Lunch!

Doesn’t anyone stop to think that there is no legitimate free porn. I mean some of the crap extorts money out of you by trying to sell false antivirus software after telling you that you are infected with kiddie porn. Other sites offer subscription software or pay to chat.

However, big traffic costs big money so someone’s got to pay. Why would americanthumbs operate for years without begging referral fees? One reason could be when you click the right button on the mouse and view the source code you see most of the models are ranked by age and your clicks counted by php code. (I mean it’s really not creative to use “ct” folders to count anything.) Maybe that’s why they took it down – the code was so primitive and obvious.

The replacement is just as bad. Here is a name that is so unique that the site generates huge traffic and all they use it for is an automatic referral to which also doesn’t have an obvious revenue model. However, it has a much better tracking mechanism. In the case of hotteens, the code is more subtle as cookies are freely used to follow your movement from site to site and if you are dumb enough to click on hotmail before or after your visit to porn, your actions can be tracked to a user name. The same is true if you click the Yahoo “My Web” button and register the porn site to your name.

It should be obvious that entrapment is not a defense. You are the one that allows the cookies to be set and you are the one that had porn sites set cookies. It doesn’t matter that you may not have really gone to the sites that set the cookies. In the new Homeland Security and Kiddie Porn Agency, you are guilty until proved innocent.

The only way these sites can make money is to survive off of Fat Government Contracts. That also explains why they are on the Internet 3 years after they try a guy for site visits to these URL’s and win. That also explains why every single image of kiddie porn came from the Government Library of Kiddie Porn Pictures.

The only revenue model that makes sense is that this is a network of government honeypots designed to trap people with very bad task. If that’s all it was, I probably wouldn’t be too upset nor would I waste my time finding out who’s responsible.

However, just like in other areas, there are competitors who just can’t wait to collect honest dollars. They plant the porn and then turn in an innocent person and don’t even care if its an underage boy. I suspect, that these corporate clowns are the same people who are feeding me search terms and information to screw over poor choopa. Yeah there’s more to come on choopa. But I’m just becoming aware that there are bigger and badder sites out there serving even more tasteless shit than the choopa affiliated ring and thye have apparent government protection.

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