Entrapment is Not a Crime!

That’s right there is no such criminal activity called entrapment and law enforcement agencies are free to play with there honeypots all day long.

Start with youngbabes.com There are 108 million websites in the world and youngbabes.com only has one incoming link. Hell, fatsavage.wordpress.com has 459 incoming links. You could claim that you wandered into visit the fatsavage 458 times easier than saying you wandered into youngbabes.com by mistake.

Hotteens.com also has one incoming link other than the automatic redirect from youngbabes.com so to say you are there by mistake is ok if you admit you came from youngbabes.com. Now according to the testimony by Agent Carter, you would be well on your way to being labeled a pedophile because teens is one of the keywords that identifies a pervert. Others include young, teeny, Lolita, girls, petite, skinny and smurf.

Now once you are on the hotteen site, you can look at the mostly cute, mostly young girls and when you mouse over you see some safe names – things that won’t prove that you are a pervert So lets see what you click and what the log shows. All the girls looked 18 to me so I felt safe with the experiment.

I skipped the following sites because they had dangerous names. But since very few men on a hunt for porn look at the URL address in the lower left corner of their browser, I’m not sure many other people would be concerned.


I went to the following sites and arrived at others:

refer.ccbill.com took me to exploitedteenvideos.com
links.adultlite.com took me to bangedbabysitters.com
links.adultlite.com also took me to realteenkissing.com
eroticagateway.com took me to teensluts.com

So in six minutes of surfing the site, I had clicked on 4 links and the word teen was in the URL 3 times and if we are establishing a pattern Babsitter once. This is in addition to the previously mentioned young and teen. A definate pattern is established.


The bait was cast and I caught a slightly different kind of fish than what was offered. I did not have to click a link to find out where they went. This is not the same as when I was automatically shifted to porn and it was downloaded. In this case I took voluntary action to see naked 19 year olds but in the cases previous reported I got hit with shit and left.

In either case, I could be charged because there is no difference in the logs to document what I asked for and what I didn’t

PS. In the six minutes at hotteens.com and affiliates, 5 cookies were set from the teen sites to track my future surfing habits and there were 500 images planted on the machine from half a dozen sites and the most disturbing was naked young boys. Now I might sneak a peak at full bodied 19 year old well developed girls, but if I want to see a naked guy I look in the mirror. The fuckers planting this evidence are sick assholes and ought to be in jail.

Ah, but remember entrapment is not a crime, it’s only a defense and a weak one at that.

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