Youngbabes & Hotteens Suck!

OK This time the pun was intended. During the trial, was one of those sites that gives you a go to jail card. The name alone indicates you’re a pedophile and you are guilty until proved innocent.

It’s the new American way.

Now Youngbabes biggest sin is that it dumped me on Hotteens which is truly a nasty site. First, of course they set a cookie and were loggged into my HTML index.dat file for a permanent record. (Young babes in a spook maneuver avoided any obvious records on my site.) There were three gifs set in cache memory one called banged-babysitters. An interesting one was from which is a yahoo data miner which connects their cookie to hotteens cookie when you click a button. (More on Yahoo tomorrow.)

Of course hotteens was logged into my index.dat file and I received 7 copies of pictures delivered to my cache memory with 12 more delivered by whoever Jasmin is.

Oh yeah, an inaccessible duplicate index.dat file was created to hold the URL’s and some of the images in this cache index.dat file.

From start to finish all this took 23 seconds.

And all of this was done without my permission, typing in or clicking a link to that site.

Just plain nasty the way that they can set you up with ugly sounding websites and a collecion of pictures and track you every step of the way.

5 Responses to “Youngbabes & Hotteens Suck!”

  1. mj Says:


  2. fahad Says:

    my home

  3. agapito Says:

    I like hot teens

  4. agapito Says:

    i like teens because they are so hot

  5. Verna Says:

    “Youngbabes & Hotteens Suck! | The Fat Savage Transformation” Roman Shade
    was a fantastic article and thus I really was indeed pretty satisfied to find the blog post.

    Thanks for your effort-Fred

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