Read It and Weep!

The following story is one of the worst news reports I have ever read. It is from a credible Journal by an excellent writer. It’s just such a travesty of Justice that I had to force myself to read it and despite my cynical nature, I am close to tears of frustration. It’ all about renegade prosecutors going after young boys for having kiddie porn on the family computers.

It doesn’t matter that this stuff is automatically downloaded. It doesn’t matter that it’s entered from sites you never chose to enter. If the children or their parents can’t afford experts and lawyers, the kid will rot in jail or have to cop a plea and register as a sex offender for life.

The sad part is, all of the porn in the case I’m working on came from the US Government library of kiddie porn with no new pictures on the computer, 17 of 20 sites were still up and running after 3 years, and 10 were operating in the State of New Jersey on Big Business networks.

Way to go Governor Jon Corzine – Keep feeding big Business with the souls of teenage boys.

Read It and Weep!

Fighting child porn vs. ruining innocent lives

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