Honest to God, no pun was intended. This is just your basic farm boy, barnyard assessment. You know – “If it smells like shit, it is.”

It doesn’t bother me that you can’t trace the owner or that there is no email contact or that the IP address indicates one geographic area and the trace route another. This is so ho-hum. What brother’s me is we have a site hiding in the midst of a maze in a walled garden which isn’t doing anything wrong.

To start with, when you search, it automatically redirects you to which is a very dangerous site. Yet when you go to to research the traffic you find a very lofty set of goals relating to e-commerce and CMS software and referring to and

For those who don’t know is the same group that designs the award winning sex trade show stuff for and for those who don’t care, that’s the New Jersey porn connection again. This is of course in addition to the Saavis IP connection previously reported which also connects to Level 3 and New Jersey.

The problem is despite their lofty goals, their designs suck and the same models are recycled since 2000. These babes were old then and are grandmothers by now plus they all wore clothes. This is sort of a tight-ass cop porn site with old models all dressed up. There never seems to have been a that actually offered porn since about 2000. It has been a pictureless portal site or automatically redirected you to other sites such as, and All three of those are exactly the same using the same pictures and graphics described above in the same layout and only the name of the dot com has changed.

The amazing thing is that seems to have picked up all of the traffic that americanthumbs lost when it shut down. The timing is near perfect. The other thing is that the number of unique page views per day is close to 3 which is impossible for a true automatically redirecting site where you only enter one page and are forced elsewhere. Of course, if this is used as part of the inspection and shutdown sequence like americanthumbs was, the numbers are more realistic.

You can play with this site yourself or just consider it a honeypot site. If it hadn’t been a shitty site with a very high Google Traffic ranking which delivered me to an ever shittier site I might not have smelled it.

But as Uncle Jack used to say, “If it smells like shit, treat it that way.”

5 Responses to “ Sucks!”

  1. pk Says:


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  4. rajput Says:

    all the comments u brief are true…….

  5. BBW Tube Says:

    BBW Tube…

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