Your National Identity Numbers

I have been tickling the tigers tail with mixed results. It seems that when I get done wiping the hard drive, reformatting the disc, and reinstalling the operating system, two things happen: First, The Trojan is still present and second, I never get the same results twice. It’s sort of like they know who the Fat Savage is and only let me play in the minor league with no chance of moving up.

In my research, I finally stumbled on the answer and also, why law enforcement people are positive they have the right combination of machine and person. It seems when you use your 25 number windows product activation key it assigns values to all of the hardware on your computer to generate a unique 50 digit number. Now to let you know how unique that is consider that the total human population of the earth is only 11 digits and when counting every animal on earth it probably doesn’t reach 30 digits. So after eliminating the numbers which only exist to check that the other numbers have been properly compiled, that’s still over 10 billion unique numbers which could be assigned to every mouse and mole on the planet. After all, mice, dogs and cats in comic strips all have computers, so why not plan for the future.

Now your own unique number called the Windows Product Activation number is made up of the product key, the hard drive, volume number, the identity number and a number for the type of controller; the network MAC number, a CD Rom Drive identity number, the CPU identity number and another number for the the Ram Size and whether it’s a dockable laptop.

Now this number has been assigned to survive most normal upgrades. You would have to change more that three things on the list to generate a new number or change the operating system to generate a new number.

Now couple this number with a browser and search bar hijack and the observer can track everything that happens on your machine with your user name and password. The Trojan can set up group meetings and dial-out your habits to interpol, the FBI and Bill Gates. This group meeting keeps all those messy bugs from fighting for control of your system.

Always remember the best estimate of spyware infected machines is around 80% which happens to be slightly lower that the estimate of 86% of adult males who surf porn.

Oh well, I guess I wont quit tickling the Tigers Tail until I confirm their game. This new knowledge just slows me down and increases the cost as I figure out the least amount of operating system changes and hardware changes to remain reasonably anonymous.

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