The Difference between Bitch and Witch

In high school my daughter had a t-shirt which said “I am a bitch but that’s Ms Bitch to you!”

Since that time she has grown into an aggressive world class bitch and I’m proud of her. Her aggressiveness has allowed her to move up the corporate pyramid while still controlling a hyperactive husband and a couple of great kids. Despite her very dominant personality, she has developed a sense of grace and good manners which contribute to her success.

When I first saw the Prosecutor from Washington, she reminded me of my daughter. She appeared intellectually sharp and extremely aggressive. She showed no fear. Now for those who don’t know the Prosecutor is supposed to be an officer of the court, a so called seeker of truth.

During the course of the trial, she was supposed to present the government’s case with honesty and integrity. She was not supposed to suppress evidence and coach her expert and other witnesses to lie about the facts. Assuming that she was intellectually capable, she was supposed to evaluate all evidence and sculpt her arguments accordingly and when directly challenged not lie about anything.

I’m not sure whether my favorite lie was Trojans don’t deliver porn, the government does not use honeypots, there was no such thing as a Trojan operating on the mk:@MSITStore exploit or Trojans never work on dial-up. Oh yeah, I guess my favorite is that a person who is charged with kiddie porn does not have to be guilty beyond a shadow of doubt, you just have to think there’s a good chance the evidence as presented at trial with all the omissions and lies indicates they are guilty.

If this mental midget is the best we have in the war on terror, no wonder we need oppressive laws like the Patriot Act. Good old fashioned intelligent due diligence will never work when there is no intelligence involved.

At one point in conversation, I told her she reminded me of my daughter. Her response was to glare and flare her nostrils. Her total lack of grace was my first indication that there was no resemblance at all so I turned and walked away without finishing the thought. As the trial progressed and I watched a pugnacious mental midget deny all truth, I knew there was no resemblance.

Obviously, this woman was not a respectable Bitch, she was a fucking Witch!

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