Choopa – Chupacabra

I can’t believe that Wikipedia has a rather intelligent section on the chupacabra. For those not versed in Latin Lore, particularly Puerto Rican night time stories, chupacabra comes from Spanish and means “goat sucker”. Now to be called a chupacabra is a great and grievous insult. I mean the nastiest smelliest animal in the barnyard is the goat and the chupacabra lives by sucking the blood from goats.

When it comes to stalking perverts, the chat room operation has to be the top of the pack and at the bottom would be sucking private information from old men playing with their tally wackers at 3 am in the morning.

Choopa (Chupa) is not only a hosting service for porn sites, but has a history of complaints of people using their machines to send out porn spam. In addition, they run sextracker which keeps track of surfing habits, sites visited, search words used and all the other good stuff. It sucks this information from you as you surf sex sites. They can then feed you advertisements and links to meet your needs based on your proclivity to visit certain sites or to use certain search phrases. (You can visit them on line at

Before anyone targets a machine for shutdown, sextracker knows all.

None of this is acceptable to someone who was born free.

Even worse, they have the power to download porn, alter your history and favorites, hijack your browser and search bar and to learn everything about your machine. In a future post, I will discuss your almost irrevocable National Computer Identity Number which ties your machine to your IP number, to the time on line and to your identity and passwords. Tracking programs can tell the difference between Billy in the back room learning about guns and bombs, Mommy on the den computer getting a recipe and Dad in the bedroom chatting up the neighbor’s wife, There is absolutely no privacy for an online computer. And as many as 80% are being monitored by spyware on any given day.

Big Brother probably knows more about me than I know myself.

Choopa truly is a big time chupacabra!

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