American Thumbs is Dead!

Of course I always check my search words and comments to see who’s communicating with me and I noticewd a search phrase:

Choopa deletes American thumbs.

Now thats kind of a funny wording indicating absolute control. If it had been “dumped” I would expect to see American thumbs on line someplace else.

So being the naturally curious person I am, I went to and caught an automatic referral which dumped a load of crap on my machine. I should have done this on an infected machine but I probably wouldn’t have picked up the referral.

A trace route or dns search doesn’t work but you can still get a response to refer you elsewhere from a virgin machine. This is also world class technology. So I would have to count them as still dangerous.

I also checked the alexa traffic count and they are truly dead as of this instant.

Actually, I’m sort of sad and remorseful that they are dead before their time. It would have made my job a lot easier if they had been on line so I could occasionally tickle the tigers tail to find out what new military strength Trojans they are delivering and what impact they had on a computer.

I’m sure a careful search will turn up their replacement.

Entrapment is a never ending business.

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