Doubting Thomas Makes Good Research!

For those who don’t remember, Thomas was the apostle who would not believe that Christ had risen from the dead until he had put his hands in the wounds. Two thousand years later people who question difficult concepts are called Doubting Thomas’. 

Our reporter who did a very credible job of balanced reporting even when faced with very ugly pictures  asked why I was so negative towards the government expert.  I explained that other than being a psychotic liar who never spoke a word of truth, I had no personal issues with her.

He of course reverted to his Doubting Thomas role and asked if I could do a simple experiment that would prove that unsolicited web pages end up in your history, that pop-ups or windows that pop-up when you close your browser also end up in your history data file and that the pictures on these sites also show up stored on your computer. Without even thinking I said it was trivial and gave him the logs the next day.

The reason we hadn’t done it at trial was that we assumed that this was a universal truth that any expert would have to acknowledge.  But alas, we did not know the low moral standards and the depths of depravity that Shannon Perkins would stoop to in order to win a case at any cost.

This is a very simple experiment which anyone can do at home to see how easy it is to capture kiddie porn.  You should have Index.dat Analyzer installed and use it to clear your cookies, history and catch of previous images stored in various cache files (This is a good practice anyway, but I doubt it would hide anything from the eyes of our Big Brother.)

Next do a Google Search on “free pzzle inlay game” and be sure to misspell it as shown like any bad typeset or speller might.  The use of misspelling by spoofing sites is common on the dark side of the web.  Since I’m a lousy typest, I have a pretty good collection of spoof sites that serve porn or try to steal my personal information.  Puzzle inlay is a Japanese game played by the young and young at heart so that is the target market for the spoof sites.

All three of the following show up in the top ten.  The first and third automatically go to and the other one goes to a gambling site.  Links at the first site are activated. 

Pzzle inlay game free, Puzzle inlay game free – Gospel singing news
Pzzle inlay game free, Puzzle inlay game free, Gospel singing news. – 19k – Supplemental Result – Cached – Similar pages

Free Game Online Puzzle, Free Game Online Play Puzzle, Free Game …
Onlne play, game inlay crime pzzle to? Onlne! Onlne free onlin behind lay logic uzzle word game game? Yahoo where gam? Board ame free fre, puzle if? … – 12k – Cached – Similar pages

spanks girdle, fat womens girdles – big womens girdles
Puzzle inlay games free pzzle inlay game free puzzle inlay game free big womens girdles, gospel singing news – bigleaguefacials the ruppes spanks girdle, … – 19k – Supplemental Result – Cached – Similar pages

You can either do the experiment and get the results or wait until I write up the results which will probably be tomorrow (God spare life).  Since there are obvious fantasy pictures on the home page, I’m not sure that you have to take the kiddie porn seriously because the very young girls hidden on your hard drive are probably doctored pictures as well. 😉 It’s just that it would be your job to prove it.

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