Stalking the Young Black Male (Part 1)

If you Google the combination of words “Young Black Male Endangered Species”, you will find about one million references to the topic. But just because a species is endangered does not mean it is really protected from predators nor does it mean any individual member of the group is personally endangered.

Nurturing parents can shelter their own individual young black male, get him interested in school, make him proud of his unique heritage and give the male a strong moral aversion to drugs, violence and crime. All of these factors are known to help a young black male survive.

So What can possibly go wrong?

The child will be stalked by the Russian Mafia of American Law Enforcement. I did a Google search on What the hell, I thought it was a hoot. If they are stalking me, I may as well see who else they are stalking and I wasn’t prepared for the results. (See the List at the bottom.) If you think it’s bullshit just check any links. I promise to tell you how to check your hard drive for hidden porn, BUT I STILL DON”T KNOW HOW TO KILL THE VIRUS WHICH KEEPS COMING BACK

For those who don’t know the Ponderosa Stomp is a jazz festival run by an Afro-Centric group in New Orleans. If your feeling stupid or brave follow the links below.

Puzzle inlay is a game for young people on their way to becoming grown up computer gamers. You can reach equally bad sites by misspelling “free pzzle inlaygame” in other ways.

Misspelling is a real curse. By searching “free pzzle inlay game” in a Google search I ended up with 35 printed pages of porn links going to black gays, black mommas, black ghetto and black teen porn. If you started with self esteem and morals, you wont have much when you are done with all these links.

I did just as bad with a security search at which led me to a list of porn sites.

But poor Chris Brown who is a rapper??? If you check the link at the bottom you get porn and if you check, you get a clone site for lolitacj with exactly the same wording I quoted much earlier by the impressive Russian Mafia.

If your machine is infected, you get nothing, If not you get all the crap pages that you would get from So it seems to me there is a definite connection between,, and fucking up young black males with computers who are proud of their heritage and would like to look at naked girls their own age.

I used to believe that it was an Urban Legend that the CIA or the US Government was trying to hold down young black males but now I’m not so sure.

After 2 hours of surfing without ever intentionally going to a porn page, I had been served up thousands of images, some very young and probably indefensible as kiddie porn. I mean, once the index and pictures were served, I might have click a link to sneak a peak or even given them my password and email for a free pass, but any horny 15 year old would have done the same.

On some sites it didn’t matter. I got the porn anyway. In addition, I had 10 Trojans and 66 critical malware issues as measured by Adaware. The machine crashed and it was time for a 7 pass wipe as I was not taking into a computer repair shop.

Mystic Knights of the Mau Mau – Ponderosa Stomp

acehardware [url=]acehardware[/url] grill & sushi lahaina hi [url=]grill & sushi lahaina hi[/url] web md …!!!&startnum=8110&PHPSESSID=b9ba8f

Pzzle inlay game free, Puzzle inlay game free – Gospel singing news
Pzzle inlay game free, Puzzle inlay game free, Gospel singing news. – 17k – Supplemental Result – Cached – Similar pages

Chrisbrowncom, Back to the future iii – Back to the future iii review
Chrisbrowncom, Back to the future iii, Back to the future iii review. – 19k – Cached – Similar pages
[ More results from ]

Oh yeah, I skipped inserting the links – do you own Google search for this king of crap. It’s all under

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  1. Stalking the Young Black Male (Part 1) Says:

    […] Stalking the Young Black Male (Part 1) […]

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