From Russia With Love?

While posting on the exploitive nature of the kiddie porn industry, I am still doing research on the underlying technical issues and search Google and MSN for any evolving issues. While its a very small area of web lore, I now get top billing in both search engines when you put in mk:@MSITStore and Dial-up. T0o bad I wasn’t this knowledgeable 3 years ago when the exploit was first discovered, I would have been a star in the security universe, But anyway, I’m still flattered by the message contained in the following Google listing which generally show up on page 2.

Please don’t Click the links.
This is a porn loader and carries at least one know Trojan. It may even give up a sacrificial older know Trojan to sneak in a newer model. Sort of a Trojan being used to deliver a better equipped Trojan.

Congradulations spy, Bad bisness bureau – Bad business bureau
… how to dial up aol from a blackberry cellphone i knowintractablectionary two free cingular cellphones Congradulations spy, mk msitstore c documents … – 19k – Supplemental Result – Cached

Now the Congratulations Spy is obvious and its probably from Russia when you figure they can’t spell Congratulations. I take that as a complement to my armature skills. Another indication they are from Russia is that the htm extension which is a trademark of people who learned to design web pages on older software which limited the extension to 3 letters instead of the more common usage of HTML.

Bad Business Bureau could be considered a warning of sorts.

The web host,, seems to be a Russian host and portal like

Kahaty in the URL (last line) seems to be a verbalization of a Chat room Acronym for KYHTY.

If so, this is probably a veiled threat as it is short for “Keep Your Hands To Yourself.”

From Russia With Love?

2 Responses to “From Russia With Love?”

  1. From Russia With Love? Says:

    […] From Russia With Love? […]

  2. jacky Says:

    I want a newer sintaks of google hacking about credit cards or passwords. Thank’s

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