Who Shot The Sheriff???

Old time readers know that I follow my horoscope. I don’t put a lot of faith in it, but I use it to have a few morning laughs when I read the paper.

Here is my Horoscope for Monday April 9, 2007 by Francis Drake

You have a one-track mind today. You’re practically obsessed with something. Or maybe you just can’t get the song “I shot the Sheriff” out of your mind.

Well I have to laugh. I am rather obsessed with this blog on government entrapment and their involvement in the Kiddie porn Industry and I’m surprised to find that my humble effort is having an impact. Posts on New Jersey and the Kiddie Porn Industry are very popular and globally, the most searched term in every language imaginable is some variant of americanthumbs.

I went to alexa.com to get updated information on the traffic for americanthumbs.com and I found that their three month average is down 22% and last week is down another 22% beyond that. It would seem that the bleach from the light of day is having an impact on this site and doing what the Government failed to do.

I guess that if this is really a law enforcement site then “I shot the sheriff.” But when it comes to law, something should be illegal for everyone or it should be public knowledge. If they are proud of their totally legal efforts, they should describe their approach at the trials. If they are ashamed of dark ops, it should not be used as evidence.

Hell, when they took out Marion Berry on a drug bust they showed the world the video of how they did it in full gory stupid detail. This is no different!

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