Don’t Blame the Judge

When you lose a case, its easy to blame everybody, the press, the jury, the Judge. As previously stated, I don’t blame the Jury or the Press. I have know the Judge for over 25 years as an acquaintance. He has always been reserved as he has always been a judge. A few lawyers bitch that he’s inattentive and anti prosecution. Well in this case he was neither. In some cases he might be bored and inattentive but the technology and evidence is so new to criminal law, that he paid attention to every detail.

In truth, he is supposed to give every expert equal weight and when you have an expert that is a psychotic lier and makes up new facts to favor her side as if it were blood sport, it’s hard for a judge to balance absolute lies with absolute truth especially when both are supposed to be telling different versions of some universal truth.

After viewing a 25 minute video of the nastiest, dirtiest, most disheveled pigsty that a person ever called “home” and 500 of the nastiest pictures imaginable, the judge offered to give the defendant soft time in a funny farm, if he would just cop a plea. The issue is not whether the man is a mess, the issues is whether these pictures were forced onto the machine to create a slave server or whether they were placed there by Trojans and Government complicity in the Kiddie Porn Industry. In either case, the Trojan forced shutdown of the machine was the first step in self incrimination and the prosecution was trying to eat the fruit of the tree they had poisoned which has already been ruled unconstitutional,

I believe that the Judge knows in his heart that the Defense will prove on appeal that the evidence was corrupted and misrepresented by the government but there were personal benefits to society and the judicial system by allow the evidence to be entered.

1.The judge will be handling a major case based on computer forensics that charges that some Arab business people avoided taxes and used their cash resources to support terrorist groups. If we give the judge a thorough education in computers he will be better able to judge the evidence in the next case which is far more important as it is part of Bush’s global war on terror.

2.Even if the evidence was corrupted and he was entrapped, the defendant is weird and had weird pictures in his house. They may have been printed by an even weirder friend or not. Either way by holding him in jail during the appeal process, the Judge can scare the shit out of him – legally, and justice will be served at very little expense to the taxpayers.

The final reason, I would never harass the Judge is that I worked with his wife for years and consider her a friend. She is one of God’s truly sweet people and it would hurt her to find out I wrote nasty shit about her husband. 🙂

3 Responses to “Don’t Blame the Judge”

  1. Mike E Says:

    You are wise, large one, and learned in gonzo procedure.

    Indeed. Rule numero uno: NEVER MESS WITH THE JUDGE.

    Cops. Prosecutors. Presidents. All fair game. Give ’em all the hell they got coming!

    But the judge is different. Like him or no — no matter. When the whole bet rides uncertainly on whether the judge likes you….

    Schmooze as need decrees!

  2. Don’t Blame the Judge Says:

    […] Donât Blame the Judge […]

  3. fatsavage Says:

    Hey this is cool, I made under the area of computer forensics. WOW, I’m a fucking expert!!!!

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