New Jersey – The Missing Link

The reason big business stays out of really nasty businesses like drugs and porn is they don’t want to get down and dirty with the users in the ditches. I mean who really wants to say that they make a living servicing old men playing with their tallywakers at 3 am in the morning. That’s really a frightening concept for a young corporate executive and few would want to take a job like that.

Still there is a lot of money in porn and it doesn’t hurt to admit that you deal with some questionable people who deal in “Black ops” which you don’t really know much about. That allows you to wink and taker the profits. The problem is you need to find people who can walk in both worlds to be the link between sick people with needs and corporate profits.

Lets take a closer look at Choopa, LLC. The firm is a member of OCCAID, Inc, a non-profit organization committed to advancing Internet technology particularly with regard to Ipv6. For those who don’t know, Ipv6 is so powerful, it can deliver 3-d virtual images around the world in real time. With this technology Choopa should be able to deliver a virtual woman (or child) for sexual purposes to anyone who wants one. Of course if the child were totally virtual, it would be legal and that makes for a good exit strategy when somebody shuts down the Level 3 gang of kiddie porn players. Still being involved with the advancement of science gives them a patina of respectability.

Choopa is also a server for IRC chat which allows for real time group conferencing or chat rooms. We have all become familiar with trap rooms as we watched Judges across the nation exposing themselves to ridicule on Television while trying to hustle children. Choopa is one of only a handful of servers bringing this technology to the Ipv6 level and allowing even more Judges to sweet talk young children of either gender.

At the other extreme, Choopa is the inventor and host of Sextracker and a supporting presence at the Adult Trade Show. is proud of the award winning designs done for Choopa and you can see them at their site. They also have a monthly colander of Adult Trade Shows for anyone who wants to “penetrate” the industry. Keep this date in mind. On Sunday April 15, you can worship at the opening of the World Congress of Sexology(and corporate profits.) That’s kind of Tasteless even for a seedy industry. Maybe Choopa will use there power to promote a “Never on a Sunday Theme”.

Honest to God, Sextracker is the highest achievement and standard or excellence in information gathering in the porn industry. Just entering the site ( sends vibrations to my spyware and antivirus programs. The purpose of sextracker is to feed you advertising and direct you to sites which match your desires. If you like guys in pantyhose, lactating woman or watersports, bondage or femdom, they are there for you and it’s all legal for them to feed you advertising or links to related sites and while they deny it, maybe even an unsolicited pop-up or two.

Now where it gets dangerous, is if you are attracted to skinny or slim girls (young or not). But face it most skinny flat chested woman are young. Sextracker will keep on feeding you younger and younger models whether or not you do a Google search for “teens young girls” which is another thing that you can do which will be used against you on your path to jail.

Now every single picture on Mr. Stefano’s computer was in the government achieve of kiddie porn pictures as identified by their permanent hashing encryption. They searched 44000 images without finding a new one and the FBI testified how hashed pictures were easy to find and the search among the 44000 involved manual labor.
It seems to me that sextracker would be doing the porn industry a service by blocking the distribution and/or hosting of these 500 hashed pictures and instead of using their power to direct people into this area, they could send them to legals stuff and keep the perverts out of jail so they keep on using their services and make more money. After all, most of the kiddie porn servers still on line are their clients too.

However as discussed previously, I suspect that their mission is sending people to jail, not serving the porn industry. (do a site search on americanthumbs, read it and weep.)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Choopa is so big the are part of the backbone fiber optic network. There cable is officially called “”.

Note to interested party: If I had a friend working at Choopa, I’d tell him to get the hell out before it’s universal knowledge that this is a kiddie porn agency. Whether for the Government of for corporate profit, it’s still a blight on his resume.

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