The Game: Honeypots and Habits

When it comes to real life most of us know the rules of the game. If we want to go down low, chase after young girls, cross dress or generally walk on the wild side, we all know that there are risks every time we indulge our fantasies. I mean the millionaire Christian Powerball winner got ripped off for $500,000 when he went to a strip joint. I’m sure that someone (Maybe his wife) might have warned him he was engaging in risky behavior.

Still almost everyone alive knows that there is a seedy side to most cities where they can engage in weird activities and the portal to sin in the old days was to ask a cab driver. There were risks and potential rewards. The cabdriver might be dishonest and figure that he will make more money delivering you to the bad guys or he might just take you to the wild side to fulfill a lifetime fantasy. People had fun taking the risk and some died but everybody pretty much knew the game even if they only used their knowledge to warn their children (or husbands).

Now talk about anonymous activity, how many TV stories have we seen about the Christian guy from Iowa (Kansas) getting killed while wearing pantyhose (being with a hooker) in New Orleans (New York). I mean half the show was spent tracking him back home and having to tell his wife.

When it comes to virtual life, no one outside the game really knows the rules. I’m starting to find some good information and make some good guesses, but I’m not even sure that those inside the game really know it all as the rules keep changing and some are probably kept pretty secret but lets just stick to the facts.

Every computer on the Internet has an IP number. You can remember that fact be calling it the Identity – Personal number for every computer, yours mine and the machine serving porn. Without being too technical you can trace the route between any two machines on the Internet with a clever command called treaceroute or tracert depending if you use Linux or Microsoft.

Now most mail routes are logical if you know the city. In Philadelphia, streets going South of City Hall are called, Market, Walnut, Chestnut, Locust, Spruce and and Pine and the numbers increases as you move away from the river. It’s unusual to find a number like 1500 Pine Street located on Market Street but not impossible. If the business started at 1500 Pine and that was their business name and then moved, they could keep it. It just confuses the post office and the public but it’s legal.

So with this elementary knowledge of city mail delivery in hand, lets look at kiddie porn delivery and I expect all porn delivery. I don’t know whether or not to use the addresses of all of the kiddie porn sites published by the newspapers or not. As you will see most travel along routes from companies that are publicly traded on the stock exchange and use services provided by big business so how evil can they be?

Never forget that they are evil enough to be admitted as evidence and get you sent to jail even though they are all up and running.

Oh yeah, a Honeypots is like that sweet desirable girl who stands in front of a “house of ill repute”. It seems she just went on break and the only available woman are ugly, old and obese. She is the bait that attracts you to the ugly side of the live sex industry. In the virtual industry, spyware working with honeypots can track your IP, the frequency of your visits, your proclivities and porn servers working with that information can serve up preselected pictures that take you closer or over to the dark side. The biggest free service which tracks most porn sites is called Sextracker.

One other piece of information, The blacklist of honeypots collected by spammers as dangerous places to avoid for their illegal activities places the entire range of to on the list. So if you are engaging in activity that some might consider on the wild side don’t go near those numbers the cops might be waiting.

Trust me that’s a huge range of addresses and is like saying the entire city of New York is dangerous which maybe it is. If the address shows up on a route where it belongs, it’s probably not too much to worry about but if similar numbers in that range show up in California and New Jersey and you have been to sites in both locations, I would start to worry about who is collecting what information about me and about whether or not I’m next.

Next post will cover “The Players.”

NOTE: I’m not sure why I never posted this to the proper catagories but I’m correcting that today without changing any content. 5/2/07

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