Linux Is Not The Solution!

I am a man of simple needs. In my dotage I expect a computer to act as a typewriter and a research tool. Spreadsheets are great for their analytical power as is the Internet for research. What I object to are organized efforts to assault me at every corner. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s a the government or the Russian mafia, an assault is an assault. Who would knowingly walk down a street where every corner was occupied by either criminals or self-important petty bureaucrats – not that many care to make a real distinction?

The only obvious choices are to ride down the street in a Mercedes Convertible or a 1950 Ford Convertible. One is expensive to own and vulnerable. The other requires constant maintenance and is vulnerable.

I’m not knocking either system. Microsoft products are overpriced and the set up and maintenance on Linux is formidable. Christ to install a brand new Linux compatible printer took me five hours. Hey, I had never done it. I had set up Linux machines that were safe and secure for gambling, but I never bothered connecting to a printer. I did work arounds with reports automatically generated an HLML file and printed from wherever I was. When you do web based research a printer is not optional.

As to security, many patches take hours and few would invest the time. During my first update of a new install, I got hijacked. I noticed because the machine froze at 14% when checking for updates and then when restarted had lousy graphics which Suse does not. Oh well, wipe and reinstall. But I recognized the problem and very few “newbies” would have. Even now, when I shut down and restart, it fails to ask my password, and I’ve done nothing to alter the system. I’m not bothering to correct this as I consider this network extremely corrupted and will work to change it after the Tiger Tail # 2 experiments are complete. You can follow them at my new blog that tracks capturing and learning about the trojans that may haunt you.

By the way dotage is either mental infirmity as a consequence of old age or foolish infatuations, another worthless fact.

5 Responses to “Linux Is Not The Solution!”

  1. kozmcrae Says:

    Sad, very sad.

  2. Linux Is Not The Solution! Says:

    […] Linux Is Not The Solution! […]

  3. Vista; Resistance is Futile, Knowledge is Soporific! « Tickling the Tiger’s Tail Says:

    […] stated previously, Linux is still a toy and the open source movement is a disaster. (Open Office is dreadfully slow and there are now […]

  4. Thats not my real email Says:

    Your sad, I think thats why no one reads your blog, I doubt this will show up on your site though. You seem petty enough to censor it.

  5. fatsavage Says:

    Actually, I don’t censor much and if you had half a brain, you would recognize that Linux is changing along the lines I mentioned. Big chain stores are now offering Linux machines that match Hardware to software in pretty much fixed systems which are selling like hotcakes.

    The Knoppix live cd is a very impressive piece of software as it can make almost any machine run at a basic level even though the Monitor is often fuzzy and the sounds don’t always work.

    If you are dumb enough to believe that Linux is easy to install and has drivers for all hardware, you’re an idiot. Meanwhile, in one sense Vista has caught up with Linux. Printer drives are a pain to download and many printers don’t work.

    Meanwhile, depending on content, this blog is constantly ranked between 500,000 and I million out of 21 million monitored by quantcast depending on censorship. Hope your site is doing as well.

    See the comments under the about section and my response.

    I still prefer Neanderthal!

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