Expert Strategy: Lie, Deny & Obfuscate

 Shannon Perkins was a frumpy Irish lass. She had flat red hair the color of rusted tin cans and white skin the color of city snow. She had thick stubby legs with a hideous tattoo on the outside of her left leg. A hundred years earlier and she would have earned a living as a wash woman or scrubbing the floors in the local pub. But in the age of computers she had become a government expert.

She earned her way through college by being a company fink who inspected company computers and got people fired for their sins. When she graduated from college she moved up to a government job. The big problem, she never changed her mentality. When it is a company computer, they hardly care whether you violated company procedures and got a virus which uploaded porn or whether you were actually surfing the web for porn and got a Trojan which hijacked your machine.

Either way you were guilty, you were fired and Shannon Perkins got a raise.

Problem was that Shannon never changed her attitude when she went to work for the Government. She stated at trial and she believed it; If there was one single picture of kiddie porn on the machine, then you were guilty of a violent crime because of that possession and it didn’t really matter how it got there.

When her expertise was severely challenged by Attorney Webster she lied and said the were no Trojans on the machine, after our expert pointed out the tell tail signs of corrupted log data, she denied that any virus could alter index.dat files nor did they work on dial-up. Finally, she testified that there might have been 10 virus and Trojans on the machine but Trojans didn’t deliver porn or cause pop ups and besides if there were one dirty picture on the machine the man was guilty, regardless of how it got there.

One of the Marshall’s told me last week that our expert should have gone to an expert witness training course like government expert witnesses. It doesn’t really matter that our expert told the truth and the government expert lied. When it comes to juries, it’s all in the presentation.

In other words if the facts are not on your side:

Lie, Deny & Obfuscate

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