Turning Lot’s Wife into Salt

If you wanna play the game and tickle the tiger’s tail, its gonna cost you money when you make a mistake. I knew that the machine called Lot’s Wife had wandered into the dark side of the Internet before being catastrophically shut down. Now this made for an interesting dilemma as I had no way of knowing what was on the disc until I fixed it and at the time I had no technical skills to cope with this specific problem. A visit to a repair shop was dead last on my list of options.

So, reverting back to my chemical engineering days I knew the following:

METAL + Muriatic Acid (reacts and produces) SALT + Water.

Now that is sort of a fitting end for Lot’s wife who was blinded because she tried to observe others being punished for sin.

Start – Disassemble computer and remove all identifying numbers from everything.

Step 1 Gather all green memory boards and modems and hammer into little pieces.

Wireless CardMemory

Hard DriveBreak Apart
Step 2. Completely disassemble the hard drive and break up the green board.

Take Hard Drive ApartComplete Dissassembly
Step 3. Scratch and bend the disc.

Bent Disc
Step 4. Throw the whole mess into muriatic acid which is used to clean cement and available at hardware stores

Amazing everything dissolves except the green plastic board. (Hint hammer a screwdriver through the black memory modules on the motherboard and device cards. The jagged edges help them dissolve faster and scratches on the hard drive helps that dissolve faster too.)

Who ever said there was no such thing as Extreme Science?

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