Tickling the Tigers Tail!

For those who don’t know the game, the concept of tickling the tiger’s tail is you keep on playing why the untamed beast to enrage him without getting harmed. In the history of science, it was the name of the experiment which was used to confirm the critical mass of uranium needed for an atomic bomb. In the movie Fat Man and Little Boy, a defining moment was when the experiment got screwed up and Los Alamos suffered the first causality of the nuclear age if you don’t count Madam Curie, the Polish woman who died from radiation poisoning.

Well I played with the computer Innocent Victim #2 (the one I found the sissy pictures on) and had it near perfect. From about a dozen, I got it down to one open exploit and dumped a few Trojans along the way. Not being satisfied, I decided to push a little harder and did a military wipe on the hard drive to get rid of any weird pictures and reinstall the operating system and antivirus.

What a stupid move!!!!

Now I had an older versions of the operating system and when I went on line for updates, I was blocked and/or sent to a phishing msn.com look alike site for false updates. Really cool technology!!

I’ve definitely renamed the machine Tigers Tail #2 and intend to scientifically describe my capture of world class jumbieware and describe it in detail.

So without going on line, I did another DOD wipe of the hard drive and and reinstalled Windows XP. The install was performed with a requested reformatting of the hard drive. I then did an exam and found I had 58 MS Vulnerabilities and Dialer_Coulomb. This confirmed the reproducibility of the infection as hardware based and not software based.

So as not to alter the state of the machine I once again did a DOD wipe of the hard drive. After reformatting and reinstalling, I intend to go on line with a dial-up account and update the computer. I will then upload the software to measure the changes, rewipe, reinstall, update and start surfing for the bad guys

I don’t think I’ll have to do much to find them. I notice that if you do a Google search on mk:@MSITStore + dial-up, a couple of nasty porn sites make the top three pages of results and when you click on them, they start loading crap on your computer.

A message to “Interested Party”:

Your thoughts sent me to do deeper research on Choopa. Give me a few days to digest it all and then I’ll post.



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