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Read It and Weep!

April 30, 2007

The following story is one of the worst news reports I have ever read. It is from a credible Journal by an excellent writer. It’s just such a travesty of Justice that I had to force myself to read it and despite my cynical nature, I am close to tears of frustration. It’ all about renegade prosecutors going after young boys for having kiddie porn on the family computers.

It doesn’t matter that this stuff is automatically downloaded. It doesn’t matter that it’s entered from sites you never chose to enter. If the children or their parents can’t afford experts and lawyers, the kid will rot in jail or have to cop a plea and register as a sex offender for life.

The sad part is, all of the porn in the case I’m working on came from the US Government library of kiddie porn with no new pictures on the computer, 17 of 20 sites were still up and running after 3 years, and 10 were operating in the State of New Jersey on Big Business networks.

Way to go Governor Jon Corzine – Keep feeding big Business with the souls of teenage boys.

Read It and Weep!

Fighting child porn vs. ruining innocent lives

Youngbabes & Hotteens Suck!

April 30, 2007

OK This time the pun was intended. During the trial, was one of those sites that gives you a go to jail card. The name alone indicates you’re a pedophile and you are guilty until proved innocent.

It’s the new American way.

Now Youngbabes biggest sin is that it dumped me on Hotteens which is truly a nasty site. First, of course they set a cookie and were loggged into my HTML index.dat file for a permanent record. (Young babes in a spook maneuver avoided any obvious records on my site.) There were three gifs set in cache memory one called banged-babysitters. An interesting one was from which is a yahoo data miner which connects their cookie to hotteens cookie when you click a button. (More on Yahoo tomorrow.)

Of course hotteens was logged into my index.dat file and I received 7 copies of pictures delivered to my cache memory with 12 more delivered by whoever Jasmin is.

Oh yeah, an inaccessible duplicate index.dat file was created to hold the URL’s and some of the images in this cache index.dat file.

From start to finish all this took 23 seconds.

And all of this was done without my permission, typing in or clicking a link to that site.

Just plain nasty the way that they can set you up with ugly sounding websites and a collecion of pictures and track you every step of the way. Sucks!

April 29, 2007

Honest to God, no pun was intended. This is just your basic farm boy, barnyard assessment. You know – “If it smells like shit, it is.”

It doesn’t bother me that you can’t trace the owner or that there is no email contact or that the IP address indicates one geographic area and the trace route another. This is so ho-hum. What brother’s me is we have a site hiding in the midst of a maze in a walled garden which isn’t doing anything wrong.

To start with, when you search, it automatically redirects you to which is a very dangerous site. Yet when you go to to research the traffic you find a very lofty set of goals relating to e-commerce and CMS software and referring to and

For those who don’t know is the same group that designs the award winning sex trade show stuff for and for those who don’t care, that’s the New Jersey porn connection again. This is of course in addition to the Saavis IP connection previously reported which also connects to Level 3 and New Jersey.

The problem is despite their lofty goals, their designs suck and the same models are recycled since 2000. These babes were old then and are grandmothers by now plus they all wore clothes. This is sort of a tight-ass cop porn site with old models all dressed up. There never seems to have been a that actually offered porn since about 2000. It has been a pictureless portal site or automatically redirected you to other sites such as, and All three of those are exactly the same using the same pictures and graphics described above in the same layout and only the name of the dot com has changed.

The amazing thing is that seems to have picked up all of the traffic that americanthumbs lost when it shut down. The timing is near perfect. The other thing is that the number of unique page views per day is close to 3 which is impossible for a true automatically redirecting site where you only enter one page and are forced elsewhere. Of course, if this is used as part of the inspection and shutdown sequence like americanthumbs was, the numbers are more realistic.

You can play with this site yourself or just consider it a honeypot site. If it hadn’t been a shitty site with a very high Google Traffic ranking which delivered me to an ever shittier site I might not have smelled it.

But as Uncle Jack used to say, “If it smells like shit, treat it that way.”

What The Hell Is This?

April 28, 2007

For those who don’t recall, I visit all the sites in the comments, the links to me and the search word terms. Some of the sites throw nasty crap at me and some download kiddie porn – But it’s all good as I try to figure out who’s doing what. You can jump the weird shit and scroll to the end as I tell you what happened.

Many have been seeking information on so naturally, I went there, The following are the two cookies from one machine about 4 hours apart.  There are enough different digets to assign almost infinate identifiers to these visits. That’s infinate to mere mortals not mathamatically infinate.

The following I will Call Exhibit 1:


The following I will Call Exhibit 2:



The good news, I didn’t find any numbers that appear uniquely related to the machine.

Of course there is bad news.

I never went to!!! I went to which is part of the Level 3 – Choopa game.

My wife does suduku so I had her cancel out the common numbers. Some appear to be related to the site. Also some appear to be related to activity. Some appear related to visit counts.

Oh well, it’s tag and I’m it, The cookie identifies my activity and I’m sure my national identity numbers have been tracked to the real me.

Your National Identity Numbers

April 27, 2007

I have been tickling the tigers tail with mixed results. It seems that when I get done wiping the hard drive, reformatting the disc, and reinstalling the operating system, two things happen: First, The Trojan is still present and second, I never get the same results twice. It’s sort of like they know who the Fat Savage is and only let me play in the minor league with no chance of moving up.

In my research, I finally stumbled on the answer and also, why law enforcement people are positive they have the right combination of machine and person. It seems when you use your 25 number windows product activation key it assigns values to all of the hardware on your computer to generate a unique 50 digit number. Now to let you know how unique that is consider that the total human population of the earth is only 11 digits and when counting every animal on earth it probably doesn’t reach 30 digits. So after eliminating the numbers which only exist to check that the other numbers have been properly compiled, that’s still over 10 billion unique numbers which could be assigned to every mouse and mole on the planet. After all, mice, dogs and cats in comic strips all have computers, so why not plan for the future.

Now your own unique number called the Windows Product Activation number is made up of the product key, the hard drive, volume number, the identity number and a number for the type of controller; the network MAC number, a CD Rom Drive identity number, the CPU identity number and another number for the the Ram Size and whether it’s a dockable laptop.

Now this number has been assigned to survive most normal upgrades. You would have to change more that three things on the list to generate a new number or change the operating system to generate a new number.

Now couple this number with a browser and search bar hijack and the observer can track everything that happens on your machine with your user name and password. The Trojan can set up group meetings and dial-out your habits to interpol, the FBI and Bill Gates. This group meeting keeps all those messy bugs from fighting for control of your system.

Always remember the best estimate of spyware infected machines is around 80% which happens to be slightly lower that the estimate of 86% of adult males who surf porn.

Oh well, I guess I wont quit tickling the Tigers Tail until I confirm their game. This new knowledge just slows me down and increases the cost as I figure out the least amount of operating system changes and hardware changes to remain reasonably anonymous.

The Difference between Bitch and Witch

April 26, 2007

In high school my daughter had a t-shirt which said “I am a bitch but that’s Ms Bitch to you!”

Since that time she has grown into an aggressive world class bitch and I’m proud of her. Her aggressiveness has allowed her to move up the corporate pyramid while still controlling a hyperactive husband and a couple of great kids. Despite her very dominant personality, she has developed a sense of grace and good manners which contribute to her success.

When I first saw the Prosecutor from Washington, she reminded me of my daughter. She appeared intellectually sharp and extremely aggressive. She showed no fear. Now for those who don’t know the Prosecutor is supposed to be an officer of the court, a so called seeker of truth.

During the course of the trial, she was supposed to present the government’s case with honesty and integrity. She was not supposed to suppress evidence and coach her expert and other witnesses to lie about the facts. Assuming that she was intellectually capable, she was supposed to evaluate all evidence and sculpt her arguments accordingly and when directly challenged not lie about anything.

I’m not sure whether my favorite lie was Trojans don’t deliver porn, the government does not use honeypots, there was no such thing as a Trojan operating on the mk:@MSITStore exploit or Trojans never work on dial-up. Oh yeah, I guess my favorite is that a person who is charged with kiddie porn does not have to be guilty beyond a shadow of doubt, you just have to think there’s a good chance the evidence as presented at trial with all the omissions and lies indicates they are guilty.

If this mental midget is the best we have in the war on terror, no wonder we need oppressive laws like the Patriot Act. Good old fashioned intelligent due diligence will never work when there is no intelligence involved.

At one point in conversation, I told her she reminded me of my daughter. Her response was to glare and flare her nostrils. Her total lack of grace was my first indication that there was no resemblance at all so I turned and walked away without finishing the thought. As the trial progressed and I watched a pugnacious mental midget deny all truth, I knew there was no resemblance.

Obviously, this woman was not a respectable Bitch, she was a fucking Witch!

Choopa – Chupacabra

April 18, 2007

I can’t believe that Wikipedia has a rather intelligent section on the chupacabra. For those not versed in Latin Lore, particularly Puerto Rican night time stories, chupacabra comes from Spanish and means “goat sucker”. Now to be called a chupacabra is a great and grievous insult. I mean the nastiest smelliest animal in the barnyard is the goat and the chupacabra lives by sucking the blood from goats.

When it comes to stalking perverts, the chat room operation has to be the top of the pack and at the bottom would be sucking private information from old men playing with their tally wackers at 3 am in the morning.

Choopa (Chupa) is not only a hosting service for porn sites, but has a history of complaints of people using their machines to send out porn spam. In addition, they run sextracker which keeps track of surfing habits, sites visited, search words used and all the other good stuff. It sucks this information from you as you surf sex sites. They can then feed you advertisements and links to meet your needs based on your proclivity to visit certain sites or to use certain search phrases. (You can visit them on line at

Before anyone targets a machine for shutdown, sextracker knows all.

None of this is acceptable to someone who was born free.

Even worse, they have the power to download porn, alter your history and favorites, hijack your browser and search bar and to learn everything about your machine. In a future post, I will discuss your almost irrevocable National Computer Identity Number which ties your machine to your IP number, to the time on line and to your identity and passwords. Tracking programs can tell the difference between Billy in the back room learning about guns and bombs, Mommy on the den computer getting a recipe and Dad in the bedroom chatting up the neighbor’s wife, There is absolutely no privacy for an online computer. And as many as 80% are being monitored by spyware on any given day.

Big Brother probably knows more about me than I know myself.

Choopa truly is a big time chupacabra!

American Thumbs is Dead!

April 17, 2007

Of course I always check my search words and comments to see who’s communicating with me and I noticewd a search phrase:

Choopa deletes American thumbs.

Now thats kind of a funny wording indicating absolute control. If it had been “dumped” I would expect to see American thumbs on line someplace else.

So being the naturally curious person I am, I went to and caught an automatic referral which dumped a load of crap on my machine. I should have done this on an infected machine but I probably wouldn’t have picked up the referral.

A trace route or dns search doesn’t work but you can still get a response to refer you elsewhere from a virgin machine. This is also world class technology. So I would have to count them as still dangerous.

I also checked the alexa traffic count and they are truly dead as of this instant.

Actually, I’m sort of sad and remorseful that they are dead before their time. It would have made my job a lot easier if they had been on line so I could occasionally tickle the tigers tail to find out what new military strength Trojans they are delivering and what impact they had on a computer.

I’m sure a careful search will turn up their replacement.

Entrapment is a never ending business.

Primer on Capturing Kiddie Porn – Doubting Thomas #2

April 16, 2007

First turn on your home page. If you are like a lot of lazy people who never change your home page nothing much happens except:

1. There are three URL’s automatically logged into your history, 6 cookies were set on your machine to track your activity and 36 images transfered to your machine which are stored in the cache file. But you knew all that. They are from Microsoft and MSN which are usually the default home page.

2. I then went to and typed in “free pzzle inlay game” and clicked
“Enter”. Automatically, 6 URL’s entered my history, 1 cookie was set and 2 more images were added to the cache file.

3. I clicked on the following link and so can you:

Pzzle inlay game free, Puzzle inlay game free – Gospel singing news

4. One URL, ( is entered in history and no cookies or images were set.


WRONG!!!! had 6 URL’s entered into history, set 1 cookie and planted 29 images – 3 of which which might be kiddie porn. (This is sort of a fantasy site so the kiddie porn pictures may be touched up. It shows a picture of a black man with an organ the length of the forearm (from finger tip to elbow) and the thickness of a ½ gallon juice can penetrating every orifice of a white blond woman.) had 6 URL’s entered in history, set 6 cookies and downloaded 13 images to the cache file. It also set several Trojans and spyware programs. set one cookie. sent 2 images to the cache file without showing up in any other log. sent 4 images to the cache file without showing up in any other log.

Our expert swore that nothing like this is possible, automatic redirects and pop-ups are not stored on your machine so you have nothing to worry about. You know you can trust Washington Experts and our Government under George Bush.

Doubting Thomas Makes Good Research!

April 15, 2007

For those who don’t remember, Thomas was the apostle who would not believe that Christ had risen from the dead until he had put his hands in the wounds. Two thousand years later people who question difficult concepts are called Doubting Thomas’. 

Our reporter who did a very credible job of balanced reporting even when faced with very ugly pictures  asked why I was so negative towards the government expert.  I explained that other than being a psychotic liar who never spoke a word of truth, I had no personal issues with her.

He of course reverted to his Doubting Thomas role and asked if I could do a simple experiment that would prove that unsolicited web pages end up in your history, that pop-ups or windows that pop-up when you close your browser also end up in your history data file and that the pictures on these sites also show up stored on your computer. Without even thinking I said it was trivial and gave him the logs the next day.

The reason we hadn’t done it at trial was that we assumed that this was a universal truth that any expert would have to acknowledge.  But alas, we did not know the low moral standards and the depths of depravity that Shannon Perkins would stoop to in order to win a case at any cost.

This is a very simple experiment which anyone can do at home to see how easy it is to capture kiddie porn.  You should have Index.dat Analyzer installed and use it to clear your cookies, history and catch of previous images stored in various cache files (This is a good practice anyway, but I doubt it would hide anything from the eyes of our Big Brother.)

Next do a Google Search on “free pzzle inlay game” and be sure to misspell it as shown like any bad typeset or speller might.  The use of misspelling by spoofing sites is common on the dark side of the web.  Since I’m a lousy typest, I have a pretty good collection of spoof sites that serve porn or try to steal my personal information.  Puzzle inlay is a Japanese game played by the young and young at heart so that is the target market for the spoof sites.

All three of the following show up in the top ten.  The first and third automatically go to and the other one goes to a gambling site.  Links at the first site are activated. 

Pzzle inlay game free, Puzzle inlay game free – Gospel singing news
Pzzle inlay game free, Puzzle inlay game free, Gospel singing news. – 19k – Supplemental Result – Cached – Similar pages

Free Game Online Puzzle, Free Game Online Play Puzzle, Free Game …
Onlne play, game inlay crime pzzle to? Onlne! Onlne free onlin behind lay logic uzzle word game game? Yahoo where gam? Board ame free fre, puzle if? … – 12k – Cached – Similar pages

spanks girdle, fat womens girdles – big womens girdles
Puzzle inlay games free pzzle inlay game free puzzle inlay game free big womens girdles, gospel singing news – bigleaguefacials the ruppes spanks girdle, … – 19k – Supplemental Result – Cached – Similar pages

You can either do the experiment and get the results or wait until I write up the results which will probably be tomorrow (God spare life).  Since there are obvious fantasy pictures on the home page, I’m not sure that you have to take the kiddie porn seriously because the very young girls hidden on your hard drive are probably doctored pictures as well. 😉 It’s just that it would be your job to prove it.