Don’t Blame the Jury!

In reality, the guilty verdict was the only one the jury could possibly have delivered. You have 12 computer illiterate mothers of young children look at 500 of the nastiest pictures of abused children you have ever seen in your life and listen to a geek talk about honeypots and Trojans and zombie computers run under the control of their masters. The pictures were shown twice during the trial and twice more during the closing arguments.


Our expert was a “homie” who told the truth and their’s was a white woman from Washington who lied and said she didn’t have to address the technical issues because the earth was flat and technical problems with virus and Trojans didn’t exist on computers – especially on dial-up accounts.


The closing arguments in a Federal case gives two shots to the Prosecution and one to the Defense. So the closing was as follows:


  1. The Chief Prosecutor from Washington, a white mother, showed the 86 pictures at 2 second intervals. She never bothered with intelligent dialog as she was either incapable or thought it not necessary.

  2. The Defense presented the technical arguments about Trojans and while on a John Belushi roll about this trial being for all of us and the future of the computer industry, a juror raised her hand and requested a pee break and the judge decided to break for lunch.

  3. The Assistant Prosecutor pointed out that the defense attorney had primitive ideas about innocent until proved guilty, had overstated the need for valid evidence and if just one picture was on the computer, Chuck (Charles Stephano) was guilty under the Patriot & Porn Act – Just for luck she showed the faces of 12 more victims.


No shit, I’m glad I was a researcher for the defense, because the emotional bullshit was beginning to move me.

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