Shannon Perkins & The mk:@MSITStore Conspiracy!

It’s always been hard for me to listen to bullshit without screaming. So when Shannon Perkins (The Government Expert) lied on the witness stand, my interest really perked (Hahahaha PUN). First, she claimed she had never heard the term honeypot, there were no Trojans associated with porn, Trojans didn’t work on Dial up, and all kinds of very ignorant bullshit. Also, Law Enforcement never engaged in entrapment and the use of retaliatory honeypots simply doesn’t exist. (i.e. Web Sites that screw you when you wander into the wrong place.)

She really got to me when she stated that she had researched all weekend long and there was no such thing as the mk:@MSITStore Trojan and if it existed, it wouldn’t work on dial-up. I got up and left the courtroom as I couldn’t stand blatant stupidity or even worse blatant perjury.

Now we had already had admitted to evidence the article on the discovery of the mk:@MSITStore Trojan published under that name and had tried to introduce some more entries on mk:@MSITStore Trojans working on Dial-up and being used for porn delivery but the judge dismissed them because Shannon said they were not authoritative and Trojans just didn’t do those sort of nasty things things.

Well Shannon, it’s time you learned a fact of classical Greek history and Internet lore. A fucking Trojan Warrior in Greek mythology could do what ever it wanted. It could rape, pillage, and plunder. It could engage in arson, murder and mayhem. It could loot, defame, hijack and do whatever it God damn well pleased. A Trojan operating on the mk:@MSITStore exploit should have been called the mk:@MSITStore Trojan, but it wasn’t. For reasons only know to you, your God (if you have one) and the Government, it was officially named the “MHTML URL Processing Vulnerable” and like the original warriors carried by the Trojan Horse, it could pretty much do whatever it wanted.

Oh well, ignorance knows no limits!!!

This story about Government corrupting computers starts here.

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