Sneak A Peak Warrants or Paranoid?

So ever since I got slammed with all these Trojan’s and weird pictures, I have been careful to turn off the machines every night and unplug them from the DSL Router. I mean when a Trojan can download porn, connect to the net, run Internet Explorer and change your homepage and favorites, the only protection you have is to turn off the machine and unplug it from the net.

So the first time I came in the morning to find a machine running and plugged into the net, I chastised myself. The second time I found my level of incompetence unforgivable. When I was discussing this situation with the lawyer I’m working with, he decided to fuel my paranoia by telling me about “Sneak A Peak” Warrants so maybe it wasn’t me who turned the machine on.

It seems that a man’s home is no longer his castle and his office is even more vulnerable. The in-Justice Department can now suspect you of a computer related crime and ask the judge to “sneak a little peak” at your computer. So under the protection of the court, a law enforcement official can break into and enter into your premise like any old thief in the night.

The sad part is if they find anything incriminating on the sneak a peak mission they can use it as evidence against you to get a real warrant to impound the machine and really search your premises. If they don’t find anything – they never have to tell you they were there.

So in theory, they can slam your machine with Trojans, turn it into a kiddie porn relay, email all your friends using a Trojan/worm, notify the authorities by email, get a “sneak a peak” warrant to find what they planted and get a real warrant based on the peak at what they planted.

Hey – Don’t piss off the man – He has the Biggest Hammer of all.

Too bad they have the same morals and ethics as the scum they are trying to take out. I believe that if there is a God, she will have a special section in Kiddie porn hell for the people who are trying to exploit it and the scum who are compromising core American values trying to protect us.

2 Responses to “Sneak A Peak Warrants or Paranoid?”

  1. thedietpulpit Says:

    That is very scary. I always turn my computer off – but never thought to unplug it. I think we are going to have to institute a new rule at my house.

  2. fatsavage Says:

    Yes this is scary but there is more to come! How about a BIOS VIRUS on the mother board which never leaves the machine. No matter how many recovery operations you try, it keeps reinstalling.

    Would you believe a Trojan connecting through the Fax connection on your printer which is always on and always connected to your computer so it controls your machine through the fax line/

    Either I’m very creative, very paranoid or unlucky enough to descover all this on my machines.

    Keep on reading and spread the word to your friends.

    Fat Savage

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