Hello Old Friends

Life has been on the fast rack for the past month – ever since I got involved in the technological trial that will define ours and future generations. I can’t believe that it’s only been a month since I first got involved in looking at computer forensics. I have been eating sleeping and living the commensurate geek life of obsession.

I have been forced off line for days on end trying to work around computer virus and corrupted and blocked networks. I’m actually enjoying the challenge of facing the best in the world who are trying to suppress knowledge and avoid the bleaching effect of exposure to the light of day.

This battle is fun for me because it’s getting my mind working at full speed but it is not really for me because if we lose the Government’s power to invade computer privacy and control lives will be staggering. Already, I can see the impact on my life as I now trust very few and ask only once.

I have entered a domain where most people I know are classified as more than acquaintances but less than friends. Even friends who want to help do it in strange ways. Instead of handing me a computer supply, they will leave it with a bartender at a place I frequent and ask the person to give it to me. Others make promises of privacy and capitulate with compromises designed to expose me after they have been contacted by the Men in Tailored Suits.

I would like to thank all who have been supportive of my weight loss efforts including Robin, Waistloss and The Middle Manager (who has kept his diversion a secret). With your support I have dropped from 247 pounds to my current level and am a lot healthier because of it. Right now I am stabilized in the 212 to 215 range even as a desk jockey. I have not lost sight of my goal of 190 pounds by year’s end. However, my need to solve the issue of corrupted computers is obsessive and using all my energy right now. I guess I’m just having fun in a new stranger way.

7 Responses to “Hello Old Friends”

  1. loseweightwithme Says:

    Congratulations on your results! And with clean eating and some exercise, you should be able to hit your goal way before the end of the year.

    Keep it up, you’re doing awesome


  2. Lady Rose Says:

    Congrats on the weight LOSS!!! totally awesome I know how hard it is — have lost 60ish myself with 80ish left to go. Keep up the great work 🙂 Lady Rose

  3. Rev. Salveo Says:

    You are a true inspiration !!!! You give all of us “desk jockies” hope that weight loss is definitely possible. Rev. Salveo, on a mission saving bodies with health, happiness, and humor

  4. fatsavage Says:

    Thank’s for the encourgement as this is a tough week. Worse than being a desk jockey is being with the family I love. We party, we eat and we drink. This week was a celebration of Mom at 90 and my grandaughter at 8. I would like to believe that my age is in the middle but like my weight, it’s a little on the high side.

    Oh well beats the hell out of the alternative so I may as well stive to bring down the number I can so the other number keeps rising.

    Bare with me as this post vasilites between technology and weightloss and maybe even fact or fiction. 🙂 I swear its all true but many of my friends and family hope its a product of my imagination as the alternative is even scarier than me being a little crazy.

  5. Roly Poly Man Says:

    Good job losing so much weight! I have lost 150 lbs. but I am still at 270. My goal is 195.

  6. fatsavage Says:

    Fantastic – I’m at 216 right now. I would like to hit 190 by year’s end and stabilize for awhile at 200. The weight loss thing is not a race, it’s a journey along the path of life.

  7. Lynn Waferthin Says:

    Congratulations! I too sit at a desk all day and find it difficult to get active and lose weight. I also experience burnout easily. What I’ve been trying to do is take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour or two and filling it with physical activity. Keeps my mind fresh and my body active!

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