The mk:@MSITStore Conspiracy

The first rule in solving a Microsoft related conspiracy is don’t blame Bill Gates. I’m not trying to suck up or even saying that Bill Gates has never done anything wrong. It’s just when separating those who are part of the problem from those who are part of the solution, I’ve made a lot more progress using the MSN search engine and knowledge base. While using Cert and Norton, I found nothing to support my position that this machine was corrupted and the Judge had ruled out our arguments based on newsgroups and forums as being non authoritative.

In addition to finding real information at MSN, I don’t believe there is a capitalist alive who would sacrifice profits, destroy their own reputation and hurt themselves to help the Government become more oppressive. It’s a lot less expensive to compromise disgruntled low level employees who feel that life isn’t fair. Hell, the US Government and the Russians have 60 years experience at seeking, finding and compromising this type of person. So why try to buy out Bill Gates for billions when it’s far easier to give a liver transplant to a programmer who destroyed his body while staying up all night writing code and living off of booze and drugs.

What the hell, the cost of a liver transplant is only a few hundred thousand and you can get a back door or exploitable vulnerability to every Windows machine in the world.

If you really wanted to stop exploitable vulnerabilities, you would have to look farther than Bill Gates and Microsoft management. Seems to me you would have to include the US Government and the Russian Mafia on your list of potentially responsible parties.

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