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Steganography (stego) is the art of hiding in plain sight. Most of us are so conditioned to urban legends and myths that if we started looking for the home of a kiddie porn sight so nasty, that a just looking at if for a few minutes is enough to get a warrant to confiscate the machine and search the owners house we’d start in the third world. So it’s expected that the search for would focus on the nether lands of Elbonia, Dilber’s mythical country. Of course nothing could be further from the truth. is a world class website. Among the 100 million websites in the world, it is ranked in the top 200 thousand or it has more traffic than 99.8% of all web sites. Not bad for an outlaw web site on the dark side of the force. Darth Vader would be proud.

Now the problem with that is big sites need big backbone access and that means that Elbonia would never work for Kevin Allen, AKA Keev. Now, I haven’t figured out a revenue model for this nasty site, There is no advertising, no pay per view or pay per entry and the average visitor clicks less than one additional page after entering, still that’s a lot of traffic to get which must be handled even if there is no profit motive to the site as previously mentioned.

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