Don’t Blame the Press

In the Julie Amero case, there was a strong condemnation of the press in their call for a witch hunt and a guilty person. I reread the newspaper articles on our case involving Chuck Stephano’s Kiddie Porn Trial and the reporter did an excellent job. He basically reported on issues as they were presented. Without malice, he presented a description of the technical arguments on both sides. He did not care that this was a debate between round earth advocates working for the defense and a flat earth advocate defending an ignorant point of view, he just reported the positions as they were presented.

In the case of the 500 horrible pictures, he made less value judgment than I have made in this blog. He simply stated that images of child pornography were shown to the jury. To many, that might invoke memories of those cute kids in the Calvin Kline ads who were half naked. Nothing could be further from the truth. These were pictures of severely abused children and still he made no value judgment.

I wish he had been more favorably predispose to our round earth theories, but all in all, Tom Eader of the Avis did a credible job of reporting on an incredible trial.

PS I managed to get a confirmation that the last post was totally correct. Not bad for telling the poor working folks side of the story.

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    Don’t Blame the Press « The Gonzo Fat Savage Lifestyle

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