Urban Legend or Government Lie?

When something strange happens at a Hotel, never ask the management. They have been programmed to deny everything under the motto – “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” It doesn’t really matter where the hotel is, the theory is the same. Once, when they put us in a dead guys room, we knew it immediately. The maids never cleaned the room and there were notes and shit from the dead guy laying around.

During the kiddie porn trial, some of the alleged search terms and the names of the websites were published in the local press. The reporter kind of figured that if this was really bad shit it would have been shut down 3 years ago when they arrested the guy. It appears that someone started surfing the sites from an open community access at a local hotel. Like Lots wife, the Hotel system was blinded because someone dared to look. Of course they called in a repair shop immediately and the repairman offended by what he saw called in The ICE man from Customs.

Since there was no single person to blame, Customs sort of recommended (forced) the hotel to create a 16 digit password to be assigned to guests and changed on a regular basis. Otherwise they would be charged as habitual distributors of contraband.

The obvious happened the Hotel closed a community hotspot that was open to the public including the poor kids in the neighborhood. No shit if George Bush can keep poor kids on the wrong side of the digital divide, it will make it easier for dummies like him to succeed. Believe it or not, before him, I had been a lifelong Republican, even having forgiven Tricky Dick for handing the Nation over to that Dummy Carter.

I’m sort of a little pissed at this increasing digital barrier even though they were probably using computers that their big brothers had stolen from me. At least a stolen computer is a lot safer than a stolen gun or it used to be before this kind of crap.

Now if this blog is being read by the Feds which it probably is don’t blame management. There are 45 maids, gardener, waitresses and bartenders who all know and trust me a lot better than they know or trust you. In the boring evening when we have told the same island stories a hundred times in a hundred different ways, this just adds one more piece of top secret stuff to the verbal history. Of course, we all know it never happened, because every Federal witness swore in open court that there are no secrets or easy way to tag a porn serving machine.

They said it and I believe it because my government would never lie to me.

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