Oh My God the Techie Lied!

The first thing the defense lawyer did when the repair shop Techie was recalled as a witness was to question him about the whole truth and whether or not there was any vow of secrecy to anyone or issues of national security. The answers was of course “no”.

While sworn in, the Techie said he used his head to solve the problem. He asserted that the owner had played with the browser settings and all he had to do was reset them and it worked just fine. Well that’s really not quite the case. It seems when you get a message that says “Signal out of Range 74 Khz”, you cannot reset your browser settings from the user location in normal mode to regain control.

Now follow this carefully especially if you ever see the problem or a related one where the browser opens in a dramatically shifted position where you cant reach the upper right hand corner to browse or print a page.

This is for flat screen monitors using a Compaq or HP system.

If any of the window is open click on an unused section of the wallpaper and adjust the settings back to 800X600 screen size at 16 bit. You should now have control of your monitor and be able to start working on recovery.

The following Procedure is named by me:

(If bored, jump to last few paragraphs.)

If the screen is still blank or if your not satisfied with 600 by 800, then you will have to enter safe mode. This is a lot easier if your not using energy saving mode which I hate because I can’t stand the machine shutting down and freezing when I walk away for 10 minutes. Also, I like all those silly messages at start up.

If you can’t figure out if the machine is on or off, just unplug it and while you’re at it disconnect it from the Internet.

Plug in the machine and turn it on all the while continuously clicking F-8 which is called safe mode and is anything but safe. (A ping will let you know when to quit)

A menu opens up and you will have to move up using the up arrow to “start up in safe mode”

Do not use any of that restore system crap which probably won’t work anyway.

Enter the program as administrator and right click on the Black part of the Window. A little window will open with tabs along the top – click on Properties near the bottom click on “advanced properties” and then “adapter” along the top.

You are now given several choices and many will work. The safest is 800X600 with 32 bit color (default). Or go one higher to 1024X768 with 32 bit color (default). It doesn’t seem to matter.

Return to the screen and reset the properties to the size you desire.

Restart the machine.

Right click on the background and set the screen size desired.

You should look normal at this point and that is the problem.

OK your, screen looks great but you are still infected with one of the nastiest Trojans (virus) ever invented and you can expect anything from password logging, copied files, downloaded files, strange noises, corrupted history, dial in, dial out capabilities. As long as its on the Internet, the Trojan can do anything the owner does except unplug it. Yes, it can surf kiddie porn and leave a record of it on your machine it can even send an email to everybody on your email lists telling them you’re a pervert. Why not notify the authorities at the same time?

Nice, I hope I miss all the lies at your trial.

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