For Profit or Protection?

How do Walt Disney, Paul Allan and other Big Companies end up in a discussion of Kiddie Porn. Read and follow the “who’s who” of American Business that are profiting from Protecting our young.

You would think that tracking a name as famous as would be easy so it kind of intrigued me when I ran into certified bullshit. I ran a tracert on the name and came up with an actual IP address of and then on to to look up the owner of this address. It said it was a law firm that owned every address which ended between 192.0 and 199.255

Since every pair of IP addresses can host 50000 websites, thats hosting for 50 million small businesses or one heck of a big law firm. So next I went to which is sponsored by ESPN and is the College Sports Information Directors of America and looked up Starwave in their directory. It reported the same address as the whois response and reported that there were no contacts for the organization.

A direct trip to doesn’t tell much because its sort of a “hustle” site running a contest for a cell phone company. Now a trip to started to get interesting. It turns out that is the “Producer of,,, and other large sites.” The whois directory reflects that this is part of DIG which is the Disney Internet Group.

If I hadn’t been run around the information highway in a recycled loop, I probably would have stopped. But instead I went to Wikipedia to find out the origins of Starwave. It seems that Starwave was founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and aside from being the producers of the big name sites previously named, they were among the first to create the technical capability for multiplayer gaming. In our case, the technology would be needed to connect the two data mining machines to the data analyzer at in a multiplayer game.

The ownership of has cost Disney millions. They got sued by who was the actually payee on the money order I received in November 2000. It cost me $50 to frame (Garishly Gilded Gold) the debased $0.50 money order. However I was still right about the relationship. Goto was the original successful pay per position search engine. Disney had a look alike logo for and lost a $21.5 million claim to In a surprise move in May 15,2001, Disney replaced it’s own technology with the paid listing service from Yahoo now owns Goto and Disney still uses the pay for position service.

It’s easy to imagine, the multiplayer game being established by Starwave with Goto tabulating the the pictures located by Americanthumbs and where Disney makes a profit on both ends and naturally gets paid on a pay per dirty picture or a pay per predator isolated while doing a “Public Service”

Americanthumbs and lolitacj will be discussed separately.

Meanwhile, no longer works at any level. Seems that it automatically redirects you to
I wonder if Agent Carter’s old user name and password are still valid.

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