Research Question?

The techie at the repair shop said he used his head to fix the monitor.  He said that the message was “Out of Range 74Khz”

Now that’s a unique message because its 1000 times higher than one would expect.  So naturally, I went to Google and MSN to check what this message meant and how to repair the problem if it should ever arise.

It was easy to find out that there are 108 million different websites on the World Wide Web and that about 20 billion accessable web pages but would you believe that there is not one single reference to “Out of Range 74KHZ”. Not even one for what causes it or one on how to fix it.

It would seem that we have an undiscovered genius in our midst who was able to solve this problem on his own without any manual or public knowledge on the issue.  It can’t possibly be a secret code because  we have been assured that there are no national security issues in this case.


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