Fact or Fiction

By Jove, I think I got it. I’m beginning to understand what Agent Carter did and why he went after Charles Stefano. No one breached national security or leaked anything to me because few actually know who I am. This was done the old fashioned way with good research and without violating the Third and Forth Amendments to the constitution.

In business in any deal, you have to ask what is each person in a deal contributing, why are they necessary or what are they bringing to the party.

Lets start with sports.espn.go.com This is really a very strange URL. It’s a membership sports site where you can search and ask questions. It asks you for the member name and password. This is the first site Agent Carter went to and I guess he signed in because there were 57 pages accessed at this site. Now there are two very interesting aspects to this site one is the redirection capability and the other is the ownership and history.

It seems if you sign in from a clean machine you are automatically redirected to espn.go.com which looks like sports.espn.go.com and I guess it’s a normal site. While I love babes and booze, I never did learn shit about sports so I can’t tell if the espn.go.com is better than espn.com I leave that to you to judge.

So there is no chance of error on the part of Agent Carter. If he’s on a clean machine he checks sports, a dirty one gives him directions and a computer in cyberspace will make the decision on how dirty it is in his presence.

Step two is the site called americanthumbs.com which is a vast collection of thumbs (very small 5 to 10k pictures) which are actually marked (hashed) images in the federal law enforcement collection as referred to in trial. A real pedophile would never bother with images that small.

Americanthumbs.com has been coupled with which is an IP number owned by Road Runner which is high speed Internet access from AOL. The combination was called a “site sucker or hitbot on speed”. It seems that this is a spider that runs through sites at super speed because all it is doing is looking for is known porn pictures that are on servers or people’s Internet connected machines. It’s very easy to shut a kiddie porn site down once you have located it.

When the FBI searched the computer hard drive after they got the warrant, they found 500 images which were easily located because they were already in the National Collection of Kiddie Porn Picks. However, they didn’t get the warrant until after Agent Carter and the web software had completely examined the machine and after that, they never found a new porn picture that wasn’t in their own library. So Charles Stefano for better or worse got all his pictures from the National Library of Kiddie Porn.

While americanthumbs is designed to look like pure tasteless American crap, the international counterpart is actually tastefully designed and believe it or not has a mission statement, attractive adult nudes and an address that should send anyone with an IQ in high double digits running.

The site? How about lolitacj.com where lolita refers to young girls and cj is criminal justice. Their mission is to “empower individuals, organizations and businesses by providing unique up-to-date information…” What could be more unique than counting kiddie porn pictures for Agent Carter and getting a warrant based on the results. They are fucking Russian spies with years of experience from Stalin to the present day Russian Mafia. You got to love the international war on crime and terrorism.

The job of go.com should be obvious. This was at one time a search engine that paid for referral. I still have my first Internet dollar which was of course a $0.50 cent money order from go.com If there’s one thing they’re good at its calculating site views. I expect that the 1097 site visits is about right. That would be about 500 identified pictures by americanthumbs, about the same number and same pictures from lolitacj and the 97 others are housekeeping visits by the four sites.


Ok in clear violation of the Constitution in an area clearly not involving the Axis of Evil, we have done a rather unreasonable search of one man’s property and got a warrant to seize the computer based on that invasion of privacy.

The big question: Was it done to protect our children or by businesses pandering to politicians in search of the almighty dollar?

More about who owns which site and contributed what to the process in the next post.

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