Agent Carter – A True Boy Scout

Special Agent Carter of the Home Land Security and Child Porn Agency is a true Boy Scout. I personally believe that he believed everything he said with the possible exception that Law Enforcement Agencies do not use Honeypots to trap, isolate or locate people interested in Child Pornography. The other thing I’m not sure about is that there are no issues of National Security in checking out the potential of Honeypots and the type of Jumbieware [Remote Code Execution Exploit] that the United States might convey in there arsenal of weapons against Child Pornography and the War on the Axis of Evil.

But what the hell, the Prosecutor and Expert also said it, so I’m forced to believe it. Fortunately, this sort of gave me a real license to investigate all aspects of his testimony and reach my own conclusions.

First, we will start with the facts Mame, and nothing but the facts. Agent Carter was cold as ICE which is the new name for customs. As a dry cleaner, I can tell you that he dressed impeccably. You never could identify any bulge for his weapon and there was no wrinkle at the back about 4 inches below the neck that most big men get when wearing a suit. During the whole trial he showed no emotions when the Jury was present, not when the 500 pictures were shown or when he was notified that he had created a few false entries in the log. As to the false entries, he did what he did and it was up to the experts to decide what happened in the log.

The log was truly a piece of garbage and if that’s the best you can do with the EnCase software and 2 years of training, they should go the way of the Lotus Spreadsheet, the DOS operating system or Word Perfect and die a natural death. First the expert said that all times were accurate and couldn’t be corrupted, then she said that since both times in the First Column and the Second were the same in many cases, the two columns reflected BIOS Time and server time.

Since over 3700 entries were logged in simultaneously in 2 incidents, she had to change her story again and said that those were weekly times although one was a 9 day week and the other 7days. The other 3700 entries were server and BIOS times because they matched and the log was a compilation of all these things and could be trusted.

Agent Carter didn’t flinch, he reported on what he did with no passion. He did not make the Law, he did not build computers, and he couldn’t always tell the difference between anorexic adults and children.

So on Wednesday May 5,2004 he got a call from PC Paradise reporting a violation of child pornography to the Agent who said it was too late in the afternoon, just hold the machine and he would come and check it in the morning. Not exactly standard procedure for a high priority case involving national security so maybe there really are no spooky issues.

On May 6th at a time of 11:02:55 AM he logged into as recorded by the second date of unknown meaning.

The First Date in the log which was a system or BIOS date showed it was 10:32:07 PM on May 1, 2004 or 5 days earlier. The visit count was 57 meaning Mr. Carter was very busy checking the sports scores. This was exactly the plot of one of the “Back to the Future” episodes where Biv knew the scores years ahead of time and never lost a bet.

The explanation for the difference in dates was basically we were too stupid to understand time as documented by EnCase because we had not taken the 2 years of training.

On May 6th at 11:06:04 AM he entered
The date logged on the First Date was 5:25:29 PM on April 22, 2004 or 2 weeks earlier. One again the essence was we were too dumb to understand EnCase time.

On May 6th at 11:06:36, there are several entries for There is a First Time entry of 10:06:36 AM, a repeat of that and a new entry at 11:06:36 AM.

If your confused about how time was flying so were we, but we lacked the gift of knowledge possessed by the government witness and which she failed to share. This failure had nothing to do with National Security.

Apparently he never made it much past the home page because a Visit Count of 3 was documented for 11:06:36

On May 6th at 11:33:45 AM was entered with a First Time of 10:33:45 AM and once again at 11:33:45 AM with a Visit Count of 4. Who knows why EnCase can’t tell time or why Agent Carter altered the BIOS or System Time.

Without it being a secret, the expert from Washington just ignored this issue and so did the computer illiterate jury.

Every time we protested on technical grounds they showed another hundred pictures at 2 second intervals and increased the number of charged pictures.

The final stop was weird, when at 11:39:50 AM (Both times the same), Agent Carter went to and had a Visit Count of 1,097. As explained by the Washington expert, he visited 1097 pages while at The incredible thing about this documentation is that the jury believed the Washington expert and the pictures and didn’t even listen to the discrepancies.

Just plain incredible and the log just stops.

Please don’t go to the URL’s listed above particularly the two obvious porn sites. You can look them up in whois or but don’t go to the sites. I have come to firmly believe that when you look at kiddie porn on the Internet of even research the topic you are blinded like lots wife.

I will discuss the interesting relationships with Agent Carter’s web visits, porn sites and Big Business in my next post. You’d think if those sites had something to do with illegal kiddie porn that they would have been shut down by now.

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