Julie Amero Deserves Better

Julie Amero deserves more that a comment on a previous Blog. She is the first person I’m aware of to be burned at the stake in a computer witch hunt.

It seems that Ms. Amero was a substitute in a 7th grade class in Norwich Conn. She was using the school’s equipment on a network set up by an IT professional and told not to turn the computer off. Everyone who drives in the Northeast knows the “deer in the headlight syndrome” where you come upon a deer crossing the road, it sees your headlight and freezes. Pow you either swerve to miss it or take it down because the deer is too scared to move.

Well, Julie started the classroom presentation and thousands of porn pages were spawned. The more she tried to close the browser by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner the more browsers were spawned. I have seen this once and you simply cant turn the machine off, the only thing you can do is shock the system and unplug it.

She did the best she could at trying to shield the kids and remove them from the room. The IT professional ran for cover and said everything was up to date. So in a New England Trial similar in nature to the Salem Witch trials, she was charged and found guilty while the community Newspaper applauded the modern day witch hunt.
She faces up to 40 years and now is getting the help of many security professionals and interested citizens across the country.

I’m sorry it happened to Julie but glad there was a precedent because fighting corrupted data and describing the power of computer hijackers in a real kiddie porn case would be a lot harder if there weren’t other convictions based on jumbieware [Remote Code Execution Vulnerability].
Always remember what can be done to the least of us, without your concern or protest can eventually be done to all of us.

I first read about Julie Amero in the Trend Micro Newsletter; then followed up with columns at Techdirt and PCworld. Think twice about clicking those links, maybe I’ve been hijacked and the links to a phishing site and your computer will be trashed just like Julie’s.

Ha Ha, Just Joking, In a Brave New world, anything is possible. Maybe you should just Google “Sentencing Julie Amero” unless Alexa has hijacked your search bar and your request is recorded, transmitted to the government and you are sent to a look alike site with false information.

It really is a Brave New World so maybe the safest thing to do is just read my blog and do your research at a Wifi hotshot but remember to throw away your wireless card which has an MAC address which identifies you and your machine.

If your a latecomer to my blog, you can start from the beginning at Big Brother is Watching.

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