The End of a Lifestyle

Well, over the past three weeks, I’ve been driving too fast in the morning; Drinking too much at night; skipping my vitamins and eating junk food. I even thought about having a cigar but in truth the fat lady never sang.

We lost the case and are now madly working on the appeal process. Why should anyone care about what happens to an 67 year old man crippled with chronic pain and arthritis who plays with his tally whacker at 3 am in the morning while looking at the ugliest crap imaginable? Then I’m reminded of that old World War II story out of nazi Germany.

“When they came for the criminals, no one cared. When they came for the homosexuals, no one cared. When they came for the Jews, no one cared. When they came for me, there was no one left to care.”

Always remember what can be done to the least of us can be done to all of us.

However, I’ve really got to regain control of my life but it’s difficult right now. The stress of taking on the Government is colliding with my hedonistic nature. What the hell – eat, drink and make Mary for tomorrow you may die.

2 Responses to “The End of a Lifestyle”

  1. fredjoiners Says:

    When President Nixon was in the middle of Watergate a White House insider, an AA member, wrote to him and suggested Nixon look at the spiritual principles of the 12 Steps. He suggested Nixon could rewrite the first step to read; I am powerless over Watergate, my life is unmanageble.

    He then suggested that Nixon look at the rest of the steps to do with personal inventory, admission of wrongs done, making amends and restitution.

    Nixon appologised, resigned and made some personal amends.

    It works, it really works!

  2. fatsavage Says:

    I got it. I’ll stop caring about humanity. I’ll stop caring about the potential for government corruption, accept the wisdom of a higher power who guides all of us on the right path and with my newfound serenity, quit drinking.

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