I Guess I’m an Old Closet Queen!

Over the years my kid’s have forced me to become more sensitive to the differences in the human family of man.  Since this jumbieware has infected all my computers, I have been very careful to block all contact with the outside world, to understand the nature of the beast and to sirch all picture files to look for unusual folders and files.

It would probably be a little difficult to plant 500 kiddie porn pictures as I have been working hard to deal with kids for years.  In Miami, the CHARLIE program did a background check on me and offered me a position as a house leader, I was complemented but not that broke.

Then again, when I reported a father to the Woman’s Coalition because he was kicking the shit out of his daughter, they along with the Haman Services investigated why I did it and was I screwing the child.  I guess I passed as I said “hell no and would report the next problem” which I did 3 years later with another child.

Still I looked at all files as I do look at porn favoring full figured young black girls who appear to be about 25 or so.  That age is young compared to me and I never have to worry about that legal crap that says all girls over 18.  Hey it’s all fantasy and at this point at least mine are legal.

I finally found the pictures filed in the download file as stills.  The first page that popped up stunned me and I went no further.  It was all sissy pictures with guys wearing pantihose, homosexual relationships of a personal nature and tranvistites.  I only viewed the first 10 or so and never bothered reviewing thwe 2435 pictures with 812 mg of disc space but deleated the whole file.

It was wild, it took me about 10 attempts to remove it from the recycle bin and even after it was removed, it kept on showing up elsewhere as a hidden file in a new directory.  Absolutely wild.  Even now as I type this I dont believe it won’t show up again.

Now I know that there were probably a dozen you girls that surfed the web on that computer and they might have had weird taste, but in the eyes of the Law the computer is mine so the porn is too.  In the area of porn you are definitely guilty until proven innocent.

I really believe the only way to kill evil is to expose it to the disinfectant effect of sunlight and bring it all out.  I started exploring the computer I call Tiger’s Tail #1 which did all the legal research for the case and am absolutely amazed at what I’m finding but thats another story.  These posts are coming From Innocent Victim #2 which is rapidly filling the shoes of Tiger’s Tail #1  and will soon be promoted to Tiger’s Tail #2.

Yes I intend to keep tickling the Tiger’s tail until  I learn how to control this beast and keep it at bay from any machine I have.  Tomorrow I plan to buy a brand new computer using state of the art Windows and Norton and I believe I can screw it up in about a day going to the dark side of the web while avoiding kiddie porn.

3 Responses to “I Guess I’m an Old Closet Queen!”

  1. Madeline Wheeler Says:

    Great blog I have some one in mind that would be interested. Thank you.

  2. fatsavage Says:

    Thanks for the support. As the next blog shows, this is one of many. The defense team has already been contacted to defend a 17 year old boy who explored the dark side of the web. Don’t know the details but hope the experts understand logs and the problems associated with surfing the net.

    Fat Savage

  3. Bios Virus or Fat Partition? « Tickling the Tiger’s Tail Says:

    […] all zero’s. I felt that a well scrubbed drive was necessary as a first step because of the sissy porn pictures that were on the machine. While I had tried to erase everything that had been picked up in the original assault on my […]

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