Movie Rights Available!!!

This case has been deadly serious on several levels. First just the charge of Child Pornography can ruin a persons life and the conviction on the charges is even more heinous. So it’s obviously dangerous to the person charged. On the next level there is the effect of associating yourself with the defense of a child pornographer. Sever professional associates have advised me that my decision to work this case is probably none to bright for my reputation. But then how is it possible to tarnish the reputation of a self proclaimed fat savage. And finally we all recognize that the government prosecutors and government expert are lying like shit.

It has gotten to the point that the guilt or innocence of the alleged criminal is almost irrelevant. The defense is predicated on invasion of privacy and government corruption of the evidence. It’s a long time principle of law that you cant eat the fruit of a poison tree. On the other hand the governments case is predicated on the computer storage of over 500 of the nastiest pictures you would never want to see. The German Concentration Camp pictures shown at the Holocaust Museum are a step up because they are just plain sick and have no relation to sex.

In addition, like Icarus, the higher we aspire for the light of knowledge in this case the more we are blinded by the darkness of Trojans. The machine that was doing all the non porn research now has 85 open Microsoft exploits which would allow in hundreds of Trojans. One of them has corrupted the device drivers in either the BIOS or the device drivers low level programing on the motherboard. Please don’t even suggest this is impossible as I own three machines that have these symptoms.

The government witness has assured everyone that Trojans won’t work on dial up and that there no virus or malware that can do anything like what we proposed in open court. The judge has assured us that its just bad luck we got hit with shit while researching this case but since there are no national security issues and the whole case was tried in open court we can use the web resources to fix our problems.

So while spending our time wandering in the cesspools of government and life, we have need comic relief. Naturally we started talking about the movie based on our case because win or loose, its probably the most important case with who owns the information on a computer, who is responsible for it being their and the governments right to access the machine without search warrants. The Defense Attorney could be a perfect Denzel Washington type and his secretary is almost a perfect Halle Berry, the expert is a perfect match for Forest Whittiker and the alleged criminal makes a perfect Joe Pesce as to myself I’m sort of an over the hill Bruce Willis with brains. Naturally we want John Grishem to do the Book and Spike Lee to direct the movie. A Black Director is mandatory to capture the Black Humor of the Dream Team as we have called ourselves because you cant find a more naturally compatible and supportive group. By Black humor I mean both the cultural and dark side of our humorous attempts to maintain our sanity. A lawyer author would catch the importance of this case to the protection and freedom of my grandchildren.

This will be a horrible future battle for all of us (that survive?).

As Ben Franklin said those who sacrifice freedom for security can never be free or secure.

3 Responses to “Movie Rights Available!!!”

  1. Mike E Says:

    Yeah man thanks again for stepping up on this one. Fact, as you know, is I am a survivor of incest and child-rape by multiple perpetrators. Now the anti kiddie porn movement hasn’t done a damn thing to help me. But I am friends with children of all ages and if any of them were forced into sexual poses and photographed it’d be a tragedy.

    Bad news — long term bad news — for any child’s self esteem.

    But to wrongly persecute an innocent man, in the name of “protecting the children” from sexual mortification — so the cops can make themselves look good…well that just cheapens my own battle. And discredits the next poor kid who has been genuinely violated.

    Kick their honky bitch asses FatSavage!!

  2. fatsavage Says:

    Thanks for the big up – All along I’ve been consistent.

    When the charged person asked me to be a character witness I said fuck no, I don’t know you well enough to know what you did or didn’t do, or what you are capable of. However, I will examine the computer shit to see if the evidence is corrupted, or if there has been invasion of privacy. The evidence was corrupted, the expert witness lied and and they searched and seized the machine before they got the evidence and after the evidence was corrupted.

    Your support to protect our civil liberties is very important particularly because of your background. While it is still not good, he was never charged with producing or transporting and the evil shit on his machine could have come from a remote code execution from a Trojan. After sitting through a three week trial I am still not sure of his guilt or innocence but I am certain that if the government can do crap like this, the freedom of my youth will never be seen by my grandchildren.

  3. Mike E Says:

    Yeah, you know John…you just hit it. Good chance you never will be certain of his guilt or innocence. What the fuck is guilt anyway? Hell maybe he is guilty. Maybe he jerks off to kiddie porn until he can’t stand it anymore. Then it’s off to rape babies.

    Which is why the cops should haul people like him in. Or at least — perhaps better still — keep a warily unblinking Eye On Him. That is if based on unmolested facts there is good reason to think he rapes babies.

    But the facts are sullied because the cops are on drugs & the government is tyrannically corrupt. Puts us in a fucked up position. Of course the guy’s civil liberties must be protected — be he a baby raper or no. It comes down, as you point out, to the grandkids.

    And the deals we cut with their well being. what’s more dangerous? Rapist or despot? Christ — you’re right. We must protect even the rapists from the despots. Mainly because some government hack did something stupid so now we don’t know if the rapist is or isn’t.

    In that case of course we must protect him from tyranny. It is our duty to freedom.

    Oy. Heavy.

    If it helps: my hunch all along has been that your guy — as much so as you or I — is innocent.

    Anything else nefarious happening on the island, I wonder, that no one has noticed in the midst of this other hullabaloo?

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