There’s Something Rotten in the Nations Capital

This case is getting stranger and stranger. It seems that when we all listened to the computer Techs describe the fixing of the machine, we weren’t paying attention. There original statement was that the user called Chuck had a loose video card and when they put it on line it didn’t work. I didn’t hear this part of the testimony, so didn’t recognized they had changed their story.

While working with the attorney for the defense he mentioned no, that they shut the machine down and the log shows they never went on line. So I asked how did he ever become a suspect if all they did was plug in the video card and turn on the machine.

Well the new information is that he found the computer was locked down by a corrupted video file and that he corrected the problem and when he turned it on the machine popped up with really nasty pictures so he remembered the agent from Operation Predator of the customs service.

When I started the research for this case, I went to the sites published in the newspaper and on the exhibits to see just what was up. The machine that crashed I will call Lot’s Wife. It seems when the powers that be shut down the machine named Lots Wife, they tagged everything behind the firewall and created the machine I now refer to as Innocent Victim #1 just because it was behind the firewall. Well knowing my whole network was basically fucked, I took all hardware off line.

When I went to work researching, the use of Honeypots in Law Enforcement, the use of Trojans on dial up, the link between Trojans and porn on Google, CERT and Symantec and researched the zero day exploit and mk:@MSITStore, it hit my office with a shit storm and shut my second network down.

Now I knew that I was looking for tech info to defended a criminal but didn’t expect to get hit with a shit storm. So the main machine trashed was called the Tiger’s Tail and the other Innocent Victim #2.

At this point the Defense Attorney questioned the potential for national security issues. The expert from Washington explained that retaliatory Honeypots don’t exist, that Law Enforcement doesn’t sponsor porn sites, that no know malware is linked to porn delivery, that Trojans won’t work on dial up and there is no such thing as a dangerous mk:@MSITStore exploit.

The judge took her and the prosecutors assurances as the truth and told us that we could explore what we want so long as we didn’t look at Child pornography outside the US Attorney’s office or the courtroom.

Trust me I could stomach it at all but that still leaves the minor issues of malware, spookware and all kinds of very weird shit that has infected my four machines. I am currently working very slowly on Innocent Victim #2 because its easiest. This is turning into a sport – me against the bad guys who fucked my four machines especially since there are no National Security Issues.

By the way did I mention that I was using Windows XP with sp2 and that it had Norton Internet Security and automatic updates and all that recommend crap – It was also behind a Symantec security box with an up to date contract. It’s amazing what bad guys can do when they try hard enough. All that shit has been removed and I’m starting to recover with absolutely no faith or trust in anybody but family.

I’m really not even sure that this machine has any security at all and have no way to tell until I get fucked again. I have to assure that tickling the Tigers Tail by researching porn dialers on Google, Symantec, and CERT will get me tagged by someone with no interest in National Security and I will have a never ending supply of trashed computers to work on the unknown exploit.


2 Responses to “There’s Something Rotten in the Nations Capital”

  1. Inez Wells Says:

    This blog is really superb!!! Thank you for you work! Good Luck.

  2. fatsavage Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. I just found out about a second case where a schoolteacher is facing 40 years because of a infinite porn popup loop that showed up when she turned her computer on in a classroom of children, At the same time in St. Croix, the expert from DC said that those things never happen. What about that for a solution to get rid of a nasty teacher. Plant the stuff and frame up.

    Search Google for “Sentence for Julie Amero”

    Read it and weep.

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