Is “Amazingly Stupid” an Oxymoron or Government Job Description

Well no lie, I prompted the defense lawyer to ask the government expert witness some questions to establish her expertise and set up a defenses. Now this trial is about three weeks long and going strong mostly because the defense wont roll over and play dead. The prosecution has vindictively upped the anti by adding 104 new count to the original 16 point incitement. What the hell why back down – The original charge would have brought 80 years in jail where as he will now have to serve 600 years. The guy is 67 so it doesn’t much matter what he’s charged with.

I cant understand why they are mad. The woman is an expert certified in EnCase, child porn, security, anti virus and spyware and testified she checked all systems which were up and running, operating properly and used regularly. At one point the judge, after the pictures were shown in court, offered to send the old man to a funny farm if he would just cop a plea. The judge is also a veteran.

The first question was asked about six different ways over two days.

Are there issues of National Security involved or are we free to discuss the case?

Now the Homeland Security Agency handles both porn and Arab terrorists through customs and other agencies and is also in charge of CERT which is the “national threat to computers” agency that warns the businesses and public about all virus hijacks etc. The expert claimed to have asked Symantic to examine the disc for virus. Despite the protection she said there were three Trojans at work on the machine but they wouldn’t work on dial-up.

On two occasions she was asked if she understood the meaning of a Honeypot and she said no.

Now that is just a plain stupid answer and the defense lawyer went after her today. He reiterated the questions about the damage which could be done by Trojans on Honeypots and she said nothing could be done by Trojans on dial up and she still wasn’t sure on the other term.

Well I had prepped the lawyer with a visit to CERT and Symantic which has an article on the use of a Honeypot to trap spammers and CERT has information on the Honeynet Project which can be entered by the index word Honeypot.

He asked if she was familiar with the printed pages from the sites and she as an expert said yes – Bang he got her when she was asked to read the highlighted portions of each page.

Now lets get the facts out loud and clear and always keep it in your mind what the government is capable of in the name of morality. Read the wikipedia article on Child pornography. The most startling claim is since 1990, the only supplier of kiddie porn is the government and all of the commercially available stuff is on government operated websites which are honeypots.

Two facts back this up, there were 44,000 images on this computer and 360 were kiddie porn. The FBI testified that every one of the images has been electronically hashed and used in law enforcement and no new kiddie porn was located.

Also, in fact checking the government’s case I went to the URL’s and most all were still up and running – no penalties for the server only the viewer.

Contrary to public opinion, wikipedia points out that kiddie porn is not the domain of old men playing with their tally whackers but of curious adolescents who naturally want to look at kids their own age. All of the government shit is sick and disgusting, with none of it being artistic healthy visions of a young person.

Most of my girlfriends are half my age (legal) and a vision of health not skinny anorexic abused children. You think if the government is going to run a kiddie porn sites in my name the least they could do, is do it tastefully.

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