Well, I’m not dead yet!

It’s been a long time joke in our family that just because your paranoid, it doesn’t mean people aren’t really out to get you. This last week has been a blur looking at thousands of lines of data and trying to get the meaning of it, listening to expert and government witnesses who are all lying and tying to figure out why they are lying and who the fuck the guy is that they are trying to screw.

My weight hasn’t suffered even though I’m sitting on a hard bench all day doing noting – I’m at 214 which ain’t all that bad considering the lack of exercise or work.

Last night we had a delicious meal at our favorite Restaurant and had Italian egg drop soup, and a platter full of calamari, mussels and eggplant fried and stuffed with ricotta. Desert was banana’s Forester – crapes, syrup, bananas and ice cream which was fantastic.

Well I didn’t have acid reflux, because I’m not quite fat enough but I had a wicked dream with a vision of my death. I parked my sporty little car against a loading ramp and a humongous Government Mail truck backed slowly backed into me while I was trapped in the car and regardless of how much I honked the horn, it kept on coming back until I figured out it really was out to get me.

Oh well, I ain’t dead yet and in the meantime I want Dan Brown (Digital Fortress) to write the story and Bruce Willis (The protector of the Autistic kid that could read encrypted messages) to play me. This really is turning itno an incredible story that has the whole defense team wondering why. We have put the story of how together but not the why.

3 Responses to “Well, I’m not dead yet!”

  1. ce Says:

    My hypothesis: After 9/11 there was a flux of agents on to the island to monitor plaza. Now that the arabs have paid them all off they need to do something to justify their assignment to paradise.

  2. Mike E Says:

    My hypothesis:

    Why? Because they haven’t got their ass whooped yet by you personally. Mr. Savage.

    Will they Fuck Around again? Likely. They’re cops. Who need scapegoats to make them not look like the criminals. Yeah. They’ll fuck around. But damn sure not around your part of town.

    Yeah, I was just smoking pcp with m’boy Bruce W. BTW. Mentioned you wanted him to play you. Yeah & you know what he said??

    I’m Not Worthy!!

    Scream On,

  3. waistloss Says:

    I’m glad somebody else read Digital Fortress besides me. Good story!

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