A Hard Drive and the Business Suit!

One fundamental question I’ve been asking over the past week is what’s the difference between a business suit and a hard drive?

On a regular basis people bring their suits to a dry cleaner to be cleaned and/or repaired. There is a person at the front counter who signs it in, another who carries it to the processing area to be cleaned, another who cleans it, someone who presses it and finally someone who inspects it before putting it in unguarded storage.

Your neighborhood drycleaners probably belongs to a professional organization, occasionally attends a national convention and has a training program for its employees because it’s hard to do the job perfectly.

Now lets compare this to the neighborhood tech shop that repairs computers. The employees are usually hired because they are family or techies who trained themselves and the only additional training is on the job. In big cities you may have a college educated technician, but in the burbs it’s probably a talented kid who hasn’t gone to college yet.

Both are small businesses with varying standards and ethics depending probably on the owner or manager of the shop.

Now just supposed that after a suit lay around the drycleaners for a couple of days and the FBI then received a report that their was contraband in the suit. I simply can’t imagine that they would even bother to investigate or for that matter be able to obtain a warrant on the evidence found in the suit. Or if they really could, that this is the type of free nation our solders are fighting to defend.

Yet this is exactly the type of evidence chain that was used to get a warrant in our last post. The defense lawyer made a motion to suppress and it was denied. The case will be tried and all the evidence gathered before and after the warrant was issued will be admissible.

Does anybody really believe we should live in a Nation where evidence of illicit activity found (or planted contraband) in a suit at the drycleaner can be examined by the FBI and returned to the owner with the contraband still in the pocket. Most people just hang their clean clothes in the closet so their is ample time to get a warrant based on the flimsy evidence chain and the evidence will be found exactly where it was when it left the shop and the FBI inspected it.

Most people who use computers never inspect their hard drives to determine what is on them, or what residual that they thought had been destroyed which can be recreated by EnCase.

What is the difference between a business suit and a hard drive?

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