The Contest is Over!

The contest is over for lack of spirited interest except for Robin and Mike E. Obviously Robin is the winner as she focused on food. Mike E chose the scat path. Oh well both the winner and the loser get the hats – if they want one.

The fruit is obviously rare and has a limited range of global acceptance mostly because of its appearance and the way you eat it. It is native to both coasts of Mexico and even though the plant was spread world wide in the 1700’s, it has never achieved global acceptance. The following picture was ripped from Purdue which publishes more information than you need to know or click the thumbnail below for a larger view.

Black Sapote

The way you eat it is to cut it like an orange and suck out the pulp with lips and gums being sure to not break the fragile skin which would make an even bigger mess. My knowledgeable and normally adventuresome employees refused to even try it with only one other male and my wife having a taste. My wife cautiously probed it with her finger and tasted it and declared that it tasted just like an unsweetened chocolate avocado. Everybody else was too disgusted to even consider it. Its easy to understand the combination of cocoa and avocado once you have eaten this fruit.

The fruit locally is called a chocolate fruit but in other parts of the world it would be sapote negro, zapote, zapote negro, zapote prieto, zapote de mico, matasano (or matazano) de mico, or ebano. It had been confused as a relation to mammy sapote but that is an attractive fruit which when ripe tastes like a pink avocado and makes a nice unusual garnish for salads.

One Response to “The Contest is Over!”

  1. Robin Says:

    So I was close with the chocolate and avocado mix…. 🙂 I would love a hat, Savage…I think it is very cool and I will make sure I wear it on the days that I go to the Gym with my brother. People will be green with envy I tell you! Just like that fruit… 😀

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