The Genuine Fat Savage Hat!

The Genuine Fat Savage Hat!

Robin has attacked the task of identifying what I ate with the passion normally saved for Taebo and she is so close. The combination of avocado and chocolate would not be necessary if she could find this fruit which was probably used in the original recipe. If she is doing this for the hat(pictured above), I’ll be happy to send her one for all comments done to date.

By the way check her chili recipe on today’s blog. My type of recipe – i.e here is the list of ingredients – if you’re any kind of cook you can figure out the amounts. I hate cinnamin in chili or pasta sauce so I would leave it out but just might try the cocoa. ( Cinnamin toast is good for breakfast – you know lots of butter, sugar and cinnamin on toasted bread.)

2 Responses to “The Genuine Fat Savage Hat!”

  1. mikebryant Says:

    Very cool hat! Love it, man, love it…

  2. Robin Says:

    I LOVE the hat…but you still haven’t told us what the snack was…I’m still waiting to find out!! 🙂

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