What did the Fat Savage Eat? Big Free Contest!



That’s right if you can identify this “snack”, the Fat Savage will mail a Fat Savage baseball cap to anyone you choose including yourself. The winner will be the first person to correctly identify the leftover from this snack in the comment section of this blog entry.

Hint # 1; This is more proof that God has a sense of humor!

Hint # 2; When I discussed this snack with a gay friend, he expressed an affinity for it despite a lack of interest in scatology. So it definitely isn’t what it looks like – that is – unless you really know what it is.

10 Responses to “What did the Fat Savage Eat? Big Free Contest!”

  1. Robin Says:

    I’m stumped…and I took culinary classes. I am self professed foodie and I cannot tell you what that is. It looks chocolate…I am coming up with Death By Chocolate Cake, Heavenly Hash, Blackout Cake (not really but it is something that I loved in New Orleans)…pretty much a sinful dish that would cause me to do Taebo for 3 hours to work off. I hope someone guesses what it is…my curiosity is peaked…

  2. Robin Says:

    Um…just checked through some of my recipes…there is a recipe that I own for a Chocolate Orgasm Cake …rich, gooey, whipped cream involved, sinful as all out. I drool just looking at the recipe…definitely NOT low carb friendly for me, but if I took the time and effort to bake it…low carb would not be in vocabulary.
    Anyone else wanna take a stab at guessing what that is…don’t wanna seem like I am obsessing over chocolate here. LOL!!

  3. fatsavage Says:

    Robin -Right church , wrong pew. Don’t check ingredients check on God’s sense of humor.

  4. fatsavage Says:

    PS. You got any Mexican Friends?

  5. Robin Says:

    Okay…Dulce de Leche…but that looks like chocolate so I may be outside the Church on that guess. Fried Ice Cream…but that is usually vanilla ice cream rolled in cinnamon/sugar/crushed tostada…then deep fried…drizzled with honey (ok…I am becoming Homer Simpson …mmmm…donuts…). In traditional Mexican food chocolate is used in lots of recipes and in many combos (right now I am cooking chili and I added unsweetened cocoa for flavor)…I couldn’t tell you what this is. There is one that is chilis and chocolate…one that combines advocados and chocolate…whatever it is it looks good and if your wife made it I would love the recipe!

  6. Mike E Says:

    Chocolate covered alien turds?

  7. fatsavage Says:

    No Mike E. your dwelling on scat which has been eliminated from consideration. Send me your address to my email account and I’ll Send you a genuine Fat Savage Hat anyway.

  8. Two Witches Says:

    So what is it ???? or are you still taking guesses I’m just really curious 🙂 By the way, I love your blog. Lady Rose, , co-author Incredible Shrinking Ladies blog

  9. fatsavage Says:

    Thank’s for the complement- It’s a chocolate fruit. Tastes like a blend of unsweetened coco and avacodo.

    It looks a lot worse than it tastes.

  10. sclocya Says:


    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog 🙂

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