Really Bad Eating Overdrive – Read It and Weep!

My last fast came to an unnatural end where I didn’t get to the lower level weight I was expecting followed by a week of desk work. Yesterday was just one of those totally evil days of humanity. I don’t mind eating or drinking when its a celebration of life. I just can’t stand it when it becomes senseless activity meant to kill time which is almost a prelude to death itself.

I fasted before Christmas to allow for the indulgences of the season and came through unscathed. I am simply not sure what caused yesterdays collapse, but it was bad.

From a productivity point of view, I resolved my machine problems, met a business associate for breakfast, made some calls to firm up the Governor’s ad hock committee on small business, and finished a proposal for a major new controversial project which passed a preliminary review this morning.

Nothing was unusual about the morning, I sedated myself with coffee, had bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast and stayed at my desk until about 3pm when I got tired of it. While taking the afternoon off, I wandered to the fridge and was attacked by a 1/4 pound piece of sausage swimming in a sea of pork and beans cooked with brown sugar. I fought back and devoured it.

I wasn’t too terribly ashamed because you simply can’t gain more weight than what you eat so I figured I could afford the 1/2 pound or so without much problem. I then had to return to work and entered the vacant building through the lunch room, where someone had left an almost complete slice of cold soggy pizza with only a bite out of it. I hate a mess in the dining area so I cleared the table by eating it.

Naturally, I stopped to join my wife for a glass of wine and drank a bottle instead – then went home for dinner. That’s right a 1 1/2 pound steak for the two of us – she weighs in at 120 so doesn’t eat all that much. Then there was the 1/2 pound baked sweet potato with butter, and the fresh mozzarella (1/2 pound), basil, and tomato salad washed down with another bottle of wine.

So how does a Fat Savage gain 2 pounds in one day?

Read it and weep!

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