Fasting – All Good Things Must End.

The Fast this time really never bothered me. It was not as productive as I wanted but it wasn’t over and this morning I weighed in at 211.1 and was hoping to get below 200 since the fast was going strong. Even a few days at the desk didn’t kill me. It might have slowed me down but I didn’t gain weight.

Today one of my machines went down. It is one of the most modern in the world with complex valving arrangements, electronic, pneumatic controls and driven by a computer. The nearest qualified technician is about 1500 miles away and just the visit will be $2500 even if the problem is not solved. The machine, when running, cleans better than our older one with almost no pollution. The new machine cleans about 2000 pounds per gallon of cleaning fluid and that gallon is destroyed in a cement kiln whereas the old machine cleans about 400 pounds per gallon and much of the difference is air pollution.

I did a little trouble shooting today but am trying to keep on the fast until I drop another pound. If not, I will still quit tomorrow, have a nice breakfast, lots of coffee and get bogged down by manuals and slow progress. Once I quit the Fast, I’ll try to go into maintenance mode to reduce the belly a few more inches. I did the infamous picture thing and pictures don’t lie. My pants size is down 5 inches ( from 40 plus to 36) but still looks like hell as the fat hangs over the belt.

I hate to use that disgusting E word ( Exercise) but without some professional help and gym time targeted at my abs I fear I will end up looking like one of those starving third world kid. (all bony with a bloated big belly). Unfortunately, it is a lot harder for me to commit to targeted exercise than it is to starve my body into submission.

It might be easier to move to a culture where the Buddha Belly is the norm and I could remain a sex symbol without effort.

6 Responses to “Fasting – All Good Things Must End.”

  1. waistloss Says:

    Could you tell me where that culture is? I could be King!!

  2. fatsavage Says:

    There is a place called Tonga where obesity was a status symbol. Unfortunately, it was for both men and woman and you could hardly tell the difference between the two as obesity produces a fairly androgynous shape where men and woman both have jowls, big breasts and bigger bellies.

    Just not my cup of tea. In the end even the king went on a diet before he died and after that the people rioted or something like that. It didn’t all make sense to me but I never was attracted to obese woman in my cultural milieu of fantasies so didn’t bother to follow Tongan history that closely.

  3. Mike E Says:

    I wonder: do these bouts of Annoying Particular work you’re periodically forced into fuel an onset of ADD symptoms?

    I ask because, if so, I’d propose you give the medication a closer look. After all the stuff doesn’t kill you (miraculously living proof, right here!). And you’ll find that it does right about what the doctor ordered when used to focus, even contentedly, on the work that particularly annoys you.

    You may just have, in this circumstance, a classic case of genuine medical need.

    Let me know if you have any questions. And under no circumstances should you agree to be prescribed Ritalin! The stuff will cause you to gnaw the hypothalamus out of your brain and chew it up & spit it out of your own mouth for breakfast.

    Stay Strange,
    Mike E

  4. fatsavage Says:

    Been there done that. It’s not that I’m morally opposed to very much, it’s just that when I tried amphetamines in college, they totally fucked my sleep patterns and kept me awake all night. Now the only thing I like better than sleep is sex. So after tossing a good round, why not shut your eyes and let Morpheus win the battle?

  5. fatsavage Says:

    PS Today was a total ADD day and it was all I could do to keep time on task and solve my problems.

  6. Mike E Says:

    So happens that they’ve developed a new class of ADD drugs that may be right up your distracted alley. So to speak.

    They effect Dopamine, like classic amphetamines, but these possess a higher specificity; my doctor described them as a “more centralized” dopamine blocker. I’ve tried them and they’re superbly effective for classic ADD symptoms. A very non-tweaky enhancement of my all around alertness. No frills, though — none of that weeeFreakin heeeheee!!! That you get from a pill of honest speed.

    So I’ll stick with my Adderall thanks! But check this link. The drug is called Provigil; a genuine advancement for the field of biopshchaitry.

    ps: Did I mention that I am the foremost Drug Expert on Planet Earth? In the top 5 on Pluto as well…

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