Elements of the Fat Savage Fast.

Any reforming Fat Savage could tell you that the secret to a balanced diet is to work hard while foraging all day for whatever a rabbit would eat and then return to the cave for a balanced hot meal. Too much rabbit food will make you suffer. Too many big hot meals will make you fat. The following is a compilation of comments on fasting posted all over.

Its doubtful that any real savage would start the day with a hearty breakfast. While living in a scary world full of natural and unnatural enemies, the never ending quest for food is hard enough without feeling groggy. A protein rich breakfast is rich in tryptophane which is a precursor to serotonin and this would make the savage drowsy and sleepy. Seems to me if you were a savage bright enough to survive you would wake up, cleanse your mouth with something, drink some fluid (probably water) and get on with your daily fight for survival.

I started a five day fast before Christmas to knock me off a plateau that I had been on since early November. I did not consider the month long period of indulgence between dieting a sin, but a celebration of life. The point of the fast was to prepare for holiday indulgences. Yeah, I gained back half of my loss, but didn’t start the New Year competing with the Goodyear Blimp.

Amazingly I also fasted because I wanted to enjoy high energy days. When I eat a full breakfast and drink coffee I feel sated and lazy. When I don’t eat, I fell restless and keep moving in a manic manner. Like the little rabbit – I just kept on moving. At 62 years old, I’m stating to understand my body. If I want to work, then starve! If I want to sit at a desk all day, then eat and get lazy.

By the way This is not a true fast but more like the fast that Muslims do during Rhamadan. I subsist on minimal inputs during daylight hours, do as much manual labor during the day as possible and at night I eat a light dinner. Unlike the Muslims, I usually have a few glasses of wine with dinner. I take my vitamins and calcium everyday.

Overall it worked for me. Down to 219.5 lbs or a loss of 7.5 pounds in 5 days. People can warn all the want about fasting but the fact is it works. Especially, when I skip breakfast, stay off the coffee and keep active all day.

I showed my doctor the belt which I had been wearing since August which is down 5 inches and I am still officially obese. He suggests that if fasting all day causes me to do manual labor and I can afford the time away from the desk, there is a lot less harm in fasting and working hard than the is in abdominal obesity. I should just consider alternating the feast and famine to balance my needs for work or management. And why not start the new year with another fast to drop another 10 pounds.

I have read about the blood type diet, the type A diet and all the rest and I am sure that all of them work for some people and equally sure that no one plan will work for everyone. It was comforting to hear a press report that a calorie lost from lack of food is exactly the same as a calorie lost to exercise. I hope others enjoy the search to discover themselves and stop being so sanctimonious about whether vegan, vegetarian, fasting (absolute or modified) or a corporate meal plan is best.

The proof of the pie is in the eating and after two days I am down to 216.6 or a loss of 2.5 pounds. Friday was an excellent day of hard work, fasting and limited wine. Yesterday was too much time at the desk, too much wine and a controlled dinner. I admit it would have been a lot healthier with more manual labor and less wine but I am a Fat Savage and these things happen.

2 Responses to “Elements of the Fat Savage Fast.”

  1. waistloss Says:

    I don’ know that I could do the fasting thing. Just not me. But I have started doing a berry smoothie in the morning and I do feel better during the day than when I do eggs and bacon or something like that.

  2. fatsavage Says:

    I’m beginning to believe that all diets are intensly personal and that I do not feel the pain of others during fasting nor do I have the desire for a formal excercise program or even structured eating. We can advise each other but cannot order what is right for others.

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