Fasting is Not Punishment!

Today I started fasting at a 3 year low in weight (219.1 lbs.). I will keep going until I reach a plateau at which point I will stop. A drop of 10 pounds would be nice. About 3 weeks ago, I picked yesterday to start my fast and then decided to put it off one day as my wife didn’t leave in the morning. She left late in the afternoon so we had a nice breakfast. When she left, I got rid of some social kryptonite so fasting should be a little easier with her gone.

Even if I hadn’t started a formal period of fasting today it would have been an accidental fasting day. I got up at 5:30 am and was at work by 6 am. Four people I expected didn’t show, partially an office scheduling problem and unknown to me, yesterday’s work was not complete. That left a mess for me to dig out of. At 9:30am, I flushed down my multi-vitamins and calcium supplement with a cup of water which I guess could be considered breakfast. At 10 am I had a 12oz mug of green tea which I drank while working and at 11:30, I took a formal break with another cup of green tea which I nursed until noon.

I have a couple of cucumbers on my desk, a grapefruit and a star apple, but haven’t felt the need. Plus I have a lot more work to do – I will keep an accurate record this time to find out exactly what I do on my fast and why and pass it along. But the one thing I won’t do is torture myself. If I feel the need I’ll eat something and then tonight it will be “Makedo Green Chile” a modified version of a recipe from waistloss. (I’ll report on that later)

At 1:30 I had a cup of zero calorie Black Cherry Berry tea and a cucumber. I had another cup of the same about 2:30. At 5pm I was getting thirsty and hungry so I ate 4 radishes and 1/2 the grapefruit with no sugar. I sliced it like an orange and ate it the way kids eat orange wedges – it was sweet and great. Now I know I’m starting to get dehydrated and missing a little salt from sweating so I knocked off a liter of club soda over the course of an hour or so and that gives me 4% of my salt for the day so I better try to pick up a little more with dinner. Low salt cramps up my mussels.

I’ll discuss the “Makedo green Chile” separately but suffice it to say it was very hot. So to mute it, I served it over a bed of rice and added some sour cream on top. This was made from skinless bonless chicken so all in all probably maxed out at about 600 calories. While I have only finished ½ bottle of wine, for sake of argument I will assume I drink the whole bottle- That, plus the cucumber, radishes and grapefruit puts me about 1250 for the day.


I consider that neither good or bad but what I needed for the day the real key to tomorrow’s weight is how much manual labor I did for the day. The food inputs are pretty close to what I’ve said I do before when doing a modified fast and working hard for the day.

3 Responses to “Fasting is Not Punishment!”

  1. fatsavage Says:

    Well I got tied up last night searching the internet for infomation on mammy sapote and found very little. Forgot to drink the rest of the wine so caloric intake was closer to 1000 calories. Weight this morning 217.4 or a loss of 1.7 pounds. Cant say I’m entirely happy as I didn’t take in enough water in any form so I will try to do better today.

  2. Zoe Says:

    hmm.. I think if you eat a meal like that just sporadically it will just slow down your metabolism and might not help with weight loss. If you go on a fast you should only stick to certain foods or no solid foods at all. The rice and sour cream might not be such a good idea and I’d cut the wine down to 1 glass. Possibly cut out chicken too, but it’s hard to just go vegan hahah. Make sure to drink a lot of water because you dont want to become dehydrated, and when you are dehydrated any weight you lose will be water weight and will not do anything good for your health. I’ve had nothing to eat for 5 days now and I really crave oysters… argh. I will have them the first weekend of feburary lol, that’s my goal.

    Good luck with your progress! Take the stairs instead of elevators! 🙂

  3. fatsavage Says:

    Zoe with my matabolism, I eat like tht every day that I’m doing my modified Fat Savag Fast and average over 1 pound a day in weight loss. When you burn over 6000 calories a day you need to eat something and I’m sure my body doesnt care very much what it is. You can monotor it daily on my blog – last nights dinner was too much wine, half a cornish hen, baked potato with sour cream and butter and limabeans – The excess wine only allowed me to drop .8 pounds for the day. I’ll do better today and drop even more.

    PS I’m getting my blood work done this week and can compare it to a year ago when I was 257 pounds. So, I’ll find out if I’m at deaths door and just lucky that I’m able to enjoy doing manual labor at my age.

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