Dieting – My Personal Kryptonite

Robin (Limenade and Watermelon) made the following statement over at the Waistloss Blog:

“We are all human…and everyone has their Kryptonite…for me it is pastries and chocolate.”

For me it’s family and extended family gatherings. In truth, I am sort of a very antisocial human being with a few exceptions. I like my family – that is I like the part of my family I still talk to. We grew up in an Irish beer drinking clan and the part of the family that never quit drinking stayed together. Naturally, our children have our blood and continue the tradition. As with most old world families you never drink without eating and the more the better. So alcohol is a trigger for food and in a family setting food is a trigger for alcohol. We are a perfect match for the new improved “family menu Hooters

It doesn’t matter if it’s a visit from daughter, son, son-in-law, niece, brother or whoever, the kryptonite arrives with the guest. Now my wife of 40 years is a social person who likes to stop after work for a glass of wine or so prior to dinner. Since I enjoy her company, I usually join her and then of course there is more wine with dinner. The only time I skip is during a planned fast which I usually start when she is visiting the grandchildren in winter without me. So in a sense, I live with my own social kryptonite that leads me to food and drink. She is a good cook when in the mood so seconds are an easy course.

In addition, we go out to dinner on Sunday to a restaurant which has great seafood which my wife is allergic to and great Italian which she loves. This place offers so much flavor, that when fasting, I’ll eat 2 appetizers and feel happy. My wife favors this place because of the absolutely fantastic deserts which neither of us cook and which you can’t buy in stores and never see outside of big cities.

The worst cases of instant weight gain is when I gained 17 pounds in a 6 day trip to see my son. I get up at 5am and would eat some fruit with coffee and milk. At 9am everybody was ready for breakfast which I would join for the social event but I love bacon and eggs. Eveybody else wanted lunch at 12:30 pm, wine and appetizers at 6 and dinner and more wine at 9 pm. Naturally I never skipped a family event or a meal. Fortunately, I dumped the weight in 8 days to fall back into the obese range.

The other sustained weight gain came with current girlfriend who is also a social eater who wants company with every meal. So up at 5am and breakfast (coffee and leftovers). Then at 7am, hearty breakfast with with GF. At 10 am off to a resort hotel for a nice meal with my wife. Then at 2pm, it would be time for a big West Indian meal with GF (stewed beef with carrots and potatoes served over a bed of seasoned rice and pigeon peas.) After work, wine with wife, then home for steak, baked potatoes and vegetable and more wine.

So in less than 6 months I was pushing 260 and TFTF so there was no sense having a girlfriend. The positive side was being so sedated that all the paperwork was always done.

It’s easy for me to say no to food, but that damn social kryptonite catches me every time.

3 Responses to “Dieting – My Personal Kryptonite”

  1. themiddlemanager Says:

    My personal Kryptonite? Television. I think this is a big one for a lot of people. When I watch TV, I have the urge to graze, but not in the good way like you do…

    I usually go for the potato chips and ice cream (note to self: stop buying potato chips and ice cream – if they are not in the house, I can’t eat them).

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